Who Can Paint My Cars?


User 4379

#129 CUP
#129 COT
Andrey Efimenko
Any colour, any scheme, any sponsors, anything.
Please. Thank You.

User 656

I'll push it into "Paint-Forum", thats the right place for this.

Would be nice, if you can tell little bit more more.
*Car make

wich league and so on

User 4379

I don't care what make and sponsors.
I like all of them. I just need a carfiles to ride.

User 3249


We Talked about the Sponsor Problem via Privat Message,right ?
You need the Approval,to use the Sponsor in Online racing.
I know,its a little bit Confuse...but there is no other way.

All what you can do now is,to look for a FICTIOAL LOGO right here:
Master Skinnerz - Fictitious Logos made by our members.

On 5 Sides you can look for a Logo you wish.
Give me a logo from THIS SIDE and i will Paint youre Chevy CUP CAR. (Begining comming Tuesday)

I never painted a COT.
This Cot Car must paint from another Painter !


User 3249

Here is youre Chevy CUP CAR (Rookie)
Pitcrew is comming later :]

I will spend my Holidays at next Saturday first

Good Luck and have Fun ;)

Perhaps Someone will make you a RENDER of Youre Cup Chevy


User 4379

I have no words.
It's amazing!!!
Thank you! Thank you very much!

User 3249

O.K. Andrey!
Fine to made you glad and happy ! ;)

(Be Carefull with the Cutting Plates on the Back Tire`s) :happy:

User 3249

Conrad means,the Picture of youre car is to small for a Render (600x600 Pixel Size)

He needs the Original Size 1024x1024 for a good Render Picture !

512x512 Pixel Size will look bad as a Render Picture

I will send the Original Size in 2 Weeks (Ending Holiday)
The Crew will made in 2 Weeks too for youre Car;)

User 490

Wasn't for you, Andrey. ;) You can upload your car (your GNL_129_AE.cup.car has to be zipped (*.zip) and under 800 kb) here (be sure that you're logged in -> "Status: aktiviert" on the right side). If there are any questions, ask! ;)

@Pete: Nein, weil das schei$$e aussieht. Zumindest werde ich damit keinen Render erstellen, vielleicht findest du ja jemand anderen. ;)

User 4379

In other words, I just have to wait. Am I right?
P.S. Ok trying to upload carfile.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:

User 656

Upload the carfile as described above.

I'll check it, if Mr. Putin arranges a drop at the oil prize! :D

User 3205

OMG I loughed out loud....:lol2:

That made my mood better again:happy:


Danke Torsten, hab mich fast bepisst vor lachen.

Hast damit meine schlechte Stimmung wieder gebessert:happy: