Welche NS läuft am besten?


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Hi Jungs, welche der vielen NS 2.0xxxxx Versionen läuft momentan am besten? Da ich ein erklärter NS Gegner bin hab ich da relativ wenig Erfahrung, das nächste GT3 Rennen findet auf der NS statt und da sollte auf alle Fälle die beste verfügbare verwendet werden......

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Hi Udo

Ich werd mal die "V203a" Offline testen und hier posten.

Ich fahre den 24h Track

ciao Günther
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Aktuell ist die 2.03c, welche auch am besteb laufen sollte!

Hier die Readme dazu:

-extract to GTR2 main directory. Allow files to be overwritten.

-all track layouts display as Version 2.03b. This is intended.
-this patch introduces a new way of dealing with the "delete .HAT files" problem.

Changes in version 2.03c:

-fixed cut track warning at Breidscheid bridge on all Tourist layouts
-fixed a strange bug that disabled FFB effects at Karussell and Schwalbenschwanz

Changes in version 2.03b:

-fixed cut track warning at Breidscheid bridge on all 24h layouts
-fixed pit exit car pile-up on tourist layouts
-fixed a syntax problem in all .gdb files that caused incorrect lighting
-added professional skybox by Nor
-added GTR2-style loading screens by Fiasco

Changes in version 2.03a:

-fixed a severe bug that caused most of the track to have too much rumble
-fixed racing line being too light in color on 24h layout

Changes in version 2.03:

-fixed lots of material names to be in sync with GTR2's specialfx.tec:
the proper sound is now played on contact with armcos, guardrails or cementwalls
grip levels are now closer to their intended values, e.g. darker tarmac has higher grip than lighter coulored one.
(For more realism you have to buy rFactor.)
proper FFB effects should now be present on bumpy road sections
-merged in a few upcoming rF 2.1 improvements (by Nor):
improved color balance for non-fall layouts
fixed bug with kerbs at Adenauer Forst and Wippermann
replaced simple mountain scenery at Bergwerk with Tree walls
optimized forest at Nurburg hill
-changed the look of the camp fires slightly
-removed 13 duplicate instances from the .trk files
-removed 134 illegal references to .tga
-removed 924 unused objects
-removed 986 duplicate identical textures from fallmap.gtr
-removed 468848 duplicate mesh points

Changes in version 2.02a:

-performance improvements for medium and low Track Detail settings
-fixed flickering horizon (skybox)
-fixed a few objects popping up in the distance
-fixed patchy racing line (AIW groove alpha)
-fixed incorrect shortcut warning at beginning of Dottinger Hohe (Online-Tourist layout only)
-fixed right hand side AI cars not starting correctly on 24h and VLN layouts
-added shortcut cones
-added road rumble to Karussel and Schwalbenschwanz
-lowered race time to allow for races < 40min
-lowered road grip level of all fall layouts by 10%
-moved region from central to north (less sunshine, more clouds)
-fixed incorrect lap records for 24h and VLN layouts

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