VR-rF2LN 2023 | In English, please?

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User 21403

Dear simracers,
Dear potential participants,

You probably might have recognized, that nearly all content on virtualracing.org and in Virtual Racing's forum is posted in German.
In order to enable you easily to read threads, posts, information in English, we would like to mention a few options for easy translation:

option 1(*):
You can simply right-click on a free space on a German website (also this one here).
Then select "translate to English".
As this only translate the current page, you can then search for the "translated website"-inforamtion in right top corner in your browser and select "always translate website from German into English".

(*) Before starting as described in option 1, Firefox users need to install an translatioon add-on (e. g. "To Google Translate").

option 2 (read only):
We realized, that logging on to VR's portal or forum is not possible with option 2.
That's why we do not recommend option 2, if you want to create any posts. It only works well for reading.

The following links are translated by Google translator and allow to go through all threads in English constantly.
It is NOT required to translate page by page or thread by thread.

translationed URL of VR-rF2LN's main forum page (You can start from there.):

translationed URL of Virtual Racing's main page virtualracing.org

additional annotation 1:
Of course, you are allowed to write and post in English.

additional annotation 2:

If anything is not clear or perhaps any translation is useless, please do not hesitate to contact us via PM in Virtual Racing's forum or in Virtual Racing's discord.
You can also join our discord and talk to us.
In discord we are usually available on most evenings.

Best regards,
User 9942, User 21403 (admins VRrF2LN), User 31336 (race commission VRrF2LN)
Für weitere Antworten geschlossen.