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As preparation for the upcoming first season of the Virtual Racing Endurance Championship Series, the 6H race in Kyalami represents the preparatory event for the series. The characteristics of the South African circuit make it an ideal track for the multiclass event. Saturday will be a great race day with qualifying and the following race session. The event will be accompanied by a live stream throughout. The event will be held with all known VR standarts and additions like the live race commission.

1. General Information

1.1 Vehicles

1.1.1 GT3 class:

AMR V12 Vantage GT3
AMR V8 Vantage GT3
Bentley Continental GT3
Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO
Lexus RC F GT3
McLaren 720s GT3
Mercedes AMG GT3
Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO
Nissan GT R Nismo GT3
Porsche 991 GT3 R
Porsche 991 II GT3 R

1.1.2 GT4 class:

Alpine A110 GT4
Aston Martin Vantage GT4
Audi R8 LMS GT4
Chevrolet Camaro GT4
Ginetta G55 GT4
Maserati MC GT4
McLaren 570S GT4
Mercedes AMG GT4

1.2 Required DLCs

- GT4 Pack (for GT4 drivers)
- 2020 GT World Challenge (for GT3 drivers with corresponding car)
- Intercontinental GT Pack

1.3 Balance of Performance

The standard 2020 ACC BoP will be used for the event.

1.4 Track Layout

The "Grand Prix" layout will be used for the event. The following map will be used for orientation and for matching the corner names (among others for the race committee).


2. Registration

Registration will start from 10.03.2021 at 8pm (CET as each following time), this will be done in this thread. The following format can be copied and filled in for registration:

Team name:
Car number (2-998 ) :
Team captain:

The maximum amount of teams is limited by 50. The split is limited to 30 GT3s and 20 GT4s.

2.1 Class

The choice can be made between GT3 or GT4. The maximum number of class participants are capped as described above (GT3 - 30 teams, GT4 - 20 teams). As soon as the selected class is full, a class-specific waiting list will be created. The selection of the class cannot be changed.

2.2 Team name

The team name must be unique. If a team has several sub-teams, these must be separated from each other by numbering, colour names or similar characteristics.

2.3 Car number

The car number can be selected in the range of 2-998. Duplications are not desired, the teams are asked to check whether a car number is already assigned. An overview table in the registration thread serves as an aid, in which selected numbers will be entered as soon as possible. There are no restrictions on the car number regarding the class selection.

2.4 Team captain

The team captain is the person to contact for the race director in case of questions.

3. Event preparation

The following defines any necessary steps and requirements prior to the race.

3.1 Car selection

The car selection will be made secretly before the event and must be submitted at the latest by 14.04.2021, 8pm. The choice will be made by private message (in the following PM) to the race director.

3.2 Registration of the drivers

The list of riders will be sent to the race director by PM. This list must be sent by 14.04.2021, 8pm at the latest.

3.2.1 Required data

When registering, the following data per driver must be submitted. The table can be used as a template and filled in:

Driver:First name:Last name:Name abbreviation (XXX):Player/SteamID:
Driver 1
Driver 2
Driver 3
Driver 4

3.2.2 Conditions of participation

Each driver must have driven at least one valid lap on the practice server by 14.04.2021, 8pm. Should a driver stand out due to a conspicuously slow lap time and thus represent a possible danger, the race director reserves the right to cancel the participation of the driver.

3.3 Skins

The custom skins from the game (ingame editor) will be used. In order to appear in the spotter guide, these skins must be sent to the race director in advance by PM. It is recommended that you simply share them via a link using a cloud service such as Google Drive, OneDrive or WeTransfer. This must be done by 14.04.2021 by 8pm.

3.3.1 Restrictions in the skin design

Car numberX-digit start numbers are to be indicated with X numbers, i.e. there should be no zeros in front of the numbers 1-9. (So 7 or 47. Wrong would be 007 or 047.)
TeamThe team name of the skin has to be the same as the team name in the registration.
CupMust be set to "Overall".
Auxiliary headlightsAn auxiliary headlight must be selected, the design of which is optional. The setting must not be set to "None".

3.3.2 Naming the skins

The skin file must be named according to the following scheme: VR_ECS_Event_XXX_E

XXX: Enter the number in three-digit form, e.g. 013 or 113 (Attention, this differs from the numbering in the skin designer).
E: First letter of the team name.

4. Event schedule

Event date: 17.04.2021

13:00 - Drivers briefing
13:30 - Start of the race server (joining phase/training)
14:45 - Qualification of the GT4 (20 minutes)
15:15 - Qualification of the GT3 (20 minutes)
16:00 - Start of the race

4.1 External conditions

4.1.1 Times and multipliers

The whole event will be simulated on a Saturday.


4.1.2 Track conditions and weather

Temperature25 °C
Probability of weather change1

4.2 Joining phase

During the joining phase, the teams are instructed to enter the server in a certain order. The allocation of when which team has to join takes place in a sheet (available from Thursday, 15.04.2021) in this thread. It is to be observed that the driver who was reported first to the race director has to join first. This will also be noted in the document. Afterwards, the team must communicate that only one driver will join at a time. This is to be observed, otherwise problems with the entry list may occur. Leaving the pit area during this procedure is not allowed! The observance of this rule will be controlled by the race controll and sanctioned in case of violations.

If all teams have successfully entered the server, the remaining time of the joining phase will be considered as free practice. This will be communicated by the race director via ingame chat.

4.3 Qualification

The qualification of both classes will be run within one session of 50 minutes. The first 20 minutes will be used by the GT4 teams for qualifying, the last 20 minutes by the GT3 teams.

Partial sessionFrom (remaining time)To (remaining time)
Qualification of the GT450:0030:00
Intermediate phase30:0020:00
Qualification of the GT320:0000:00

4.3.1 Qualification of the GT4

The qualification of the GT4 teams will start at 2.45pm. The beginning of the GT4 session part will be the start of the qualifying session. The end is at 30:00 session rest time. This will also be confirmed by the race control via ingame chat. Laps started before the end of the time may be finished. Violations will be penalised by a stop-and-go of 30 seconds in the race session. This penalty will be given 15 minutes after the start of the race.

4.3.2 Intermediate phase

No car may leave the pits during the intermediate phase. The GT4 cars will pit after their last timed lap with an inlap. The remainder of the intermediate phase may be considered as a break.

4.3.3 Qualification of the GT3

The qualification of the GT3 teams will start at 3.15pm or 20 minutes before the end of the qualification session. The start of the partial session will be confirmed in the ingame chat by the race control. The duration of the session is 20 minutes. Laps started before the end of the time may be finished.

4.4 Race

4.4.1 Starting procedure

The start of the race is scheduled for 4pm. A full formation lap will be run. The GT3 will start the formation lap after the traffic lights turn green. The GT4s will wait for the signal from the race control via ingame chat and will start their formation lap with a delay. Initially, a speed of 100 km/h must be maintained.

The GT3 group will start on Start/Finish following the normal ACC procedure. After clearance for the GT3 cars, the GT4s continue to follow the first-placed car in the class and maintain a speed of 70 km/h. On announcement of the race control via ingame chat, the double file will be formed in the GT4 field. The start clearance will be given on start/finish by the pole setter of the class.

4.4.2 Special regulations for GT3 starters within the GT4 field

If for any reason a GT3 team does not complete a lap or completes a slower lap than the GT4 leader, they must follow the regulations for GT4 cars. Accordingly, special care must be taken at the start to avoid collisions in the starting area.

4.4.3 Race

The race will be run over a distance of 6 hours. Extended regulations for the race can be found in the following points.

5. Racing regulations

5.1 Stint times

The maximum stint duration is 65 minutes. This is controlled by the server.

5.2 Maximum driving time

Basically the maximum driving time is 4 hours. If there are fewer registrations on a team than possible, the server will automatically compensate for any disadvantages.

5.3 Ingame chat

The ingame chat must be activated for each session. No messages may be sent during the qualification or race session. The right to write messages lies solely with the leading race stewards. Information from the race control and penalties will be sent via the ingame chat. In case of violations, the race control will first point them out. In case of repeated violations, the race control reserves the right to impose further sanctions.

5.4 Ingame penalties

Basically, no ingame penalties will be cleared by the race control. In special cases the race rontrol reserves the right to deviate from this rule.

5.5 Case of a Disconnect

In case of a disconnect, all drivers of the team have to leave the server. In addition, the race control has to be informed. The further procedure is to be discussed with them.
Once this has been done, the first listed driver must join the server. After that, the order as listed to the race director must be followed. This order can also be read in a spreadsheet and in the spotter guide. In case of non-compliance, problems with the entry list are to be expected, therefore the cooperation of all teams is required.

6. Race Control

A live race control will be available for the event. It will work on a protest basis. Cases must be sent to the race control members by PM according to the form below. The penalties will be announced via the ingame chat and in the forum. Penalties will be within the usual and known penalties of ACC, with no use made of normal time penalties.

6.1 Members of the Race Control

The race control consists of the Race Director and the other Race Commissioners.

6.1.1 Race Director

The race director serves as contact person for the teams before, during and after the race. In addition, penalties will be communicated by the race director via the ingame chat. The race director can be contacted before, during and after the race via PN in the forum and can be found on Teamspeak during the race.

The race director for the event in Kyalami is: Lukas Unger.

6.1.2 Race Commissioners

The race commissioners will be responsible for the evaluation of the protests.

6.1.3 Participants of the Race Control

The following are the participants of the race control listed until 24 hours before the start of the event. These are to be mention as recipients when sending a protest.

6.2 Protest form

Protests are to be filled out according to the following scheme:

Protest author (name + start number)
Protest opponent (name + start number)
Approximate session rest time
Timestamp/Lap from replay
Curve/part of track

Comments on the protests are not allowed.

6.3 Full-Course-Yellow (FCY)

Only in case of technical problems the race control reserves the right to call a FCY-phase. This serves to freeze the distances. As soon as this phase has been announced via the ingame chat, each vehicle must activate the pit limiter. The race will continue normally with the restricte speed via the FCY phase. The end will be announced through the ingame chat. This will first be done via a termination announcement message 15 seconds before the FCY phase ends. The second message ends the FCY phase. The race will continue normally.

6.4 Restarting the race session

If due to technical problems a server restart is necessary during the race session, the starting order will be defined by the positions at the termination of the race session. However, this is only the exception and will be tried to be avoided.

7. Sporting regulations

The basis of the sporting regulations are the VR regulations. The classification of the cases as minor, medium and major offences are reflected in the severity of the punishment.

7.1 Regulation of Lapping

The regulations of the DMSB will be followed:

The blue flag will be shown to a vehicle that is about to lap. When the flag is shown, the driver concerned must allow the vehicle behind to overtake at the earliest opportunity.

This means that the lapped vehicle must give way and create an opportunity for the lapping car to overtake. Communication via light signals or similar can be helpful if used correctly.

8. Social Media

Teams and riders with a social media presence are welcome to post under #VRECS or #VRECS_Kyalami, so that we would have common hashtags. No obligation, but you could potentially benefit from each other. We will also try to post content about the event on Virtual Racing's Instagram account.

9. Livestream

The event will be broadcasted in german in its entirety, including the qualifying and race sessions. The livestream can be found on Virtual Racing's YouTube and Twitch accounts.


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A summary of the changes due to the registration situation:
- The race length will be shortened to 4 hours, the times will remain the same.
- The race will not be broadcast live.
- Participating teams will receive increased priority for the following season.

An entrylist is now installed on the training server #10 and serves as a team test server. All teams that have already submitted information should now be able to join it. If this is not the case, please send me a PN. :)

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