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Sehr intressantes Blog rund um das Thema "Race Engineering", ich wünsche viel Spaß beim lesen! :]

I'll be sharing all sorts of stuff, on what will probably be an irregular basis. Who knows what will eventually emerge, but at this point I visualize:

* Technical discussions about race cars, most likely focused on anything other than the engine.
* The race engineer's role in racing, testing, and at the shop
* Day-to-day life as a race engineer. Travel, reviews of actual events, career, etc.
* Personal views on racing topics
* Developing trends of all sorts

Race engineers are notorious for not sharing what they know for fear of a competitor taking advantage of it. I'm also like that to some extent, but I'm comfortable with explaining more than most. I've left a trail of information and tools with former race teams. I won't mislead anyone by posting outdated or false info.

That's about it for now. Away we go!