Talledega Unfall 14 Lap am 01.10.02



To all of the drivers, who were involved in the accident during the ´14th lap of the Talledega Shootut, I would like to sincerely apolgize.

Especially to the driver 902 Stefan Icks, he couldn't do anything about the situation

My PC froze and my internet connection was still active so I couldn't respond.

I am very, very sorry about the entire situation and I hope all of the victims (DRIVER'S) aren't feeling to bad.

After my computer responded again, I found myself back on the track.

I had no intention of entering the track again, but as bad luck sometimes accompanies a person, I ended up back on the track and it resulted in a another accident.

Again, I wish to apologize for the entire situation and take full responsibilty.

Thank you for your understanding.

Frederick J. Miller 226

User 378

Just what it looked like.

I checked the replay, you are coming out of T4 at 185, then you're gone and when you're back you're at 160mph. I guess that's life. ;(