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Hi again all
Time for another update from SimBin and just like last time there is a lot to report from our offices, so let’s get to it.

Just when you thought we were taking some time off after a hectic GTR Evolution release, we boomerang back and hit you with the demo for our next title “STCC – The Game”. Go grab it on Steam and while you download you can enjoy the latest STCC game video we put up on the website today. ;)

I personally find that the Touringcars suit the Swedish tracks perfectly but you won’t have to just take my word for it anymore.

The technical Mantorp Park circuit and a very competitive Swedish run Peugeot 308 is the car/track combination offered in the demo.

The official release date for the full boxed version of “STCC The Game” was September 19 in Scandinavia.

For other regions, as well as online release, dates will be communicated later on.

SimBin Q&A

The public has sent in a multitude of questions to us in the official GTR Evolution forum here: SimBin Q & A - right here, right now ! - RaceSimCentral Forums Not all questions can or will be handled of course, but keep your eyes open for the answers which will be made public in the same forum. We hope to be able to find time to do more of these in the future, but for now we are still busy answering as many questions as we possibly can. The answers should be made public within this week and we hope you will help spread them far and wide.

Nürburgring Hotlap Contest

The V-WTCC competition is entering its final phase and the grid for the “Grande Finale” on location at the Monza track in Italy is almost full. There is one special seat left though and by entering the current GTR Evolution hotlap contest run on the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife you can bypass all other parts of the V-WTCC and jump directly to the finale. (V-WTCC - Virtual World Touring Car Championship | Presented by SimBin )

The facts to the Nürburgring Nordschleife hotlap contest are that
- it is run in the Chevrolet Extreme car,
- it’s open until September 26th and
- it is open for everyone above the age of 18.

All you need is a copy of GTR Evolution and a virtually perfect lap, then you can pack your bags and be off to Italy. You can even win the copies of GTR Evolution over the coming days in the V-WTCC forum through racing RACE 07 and through various other forum based contests. Should give everyone a chance to grab a copy of GTR Evolution, even if you are not lightning quick on the track. Drop by the forum and read more here:

In case you still haven’t heard of the V-WTCC, it’s our take on mixing simracing and real life racing. The simracing contest eventually sees the qualification heat winners on location in Italy where they will compete in RACE 07 for the keys to the main prize, a Chevrolet HHR. Read up on it here and hurry up if you want to have a shot at the car, and the approx. 10.000 Euro cash prize money.

GTR Evolution Reviews

The official reviews in magazines and online gaming sites are starting to come in, but we would like to see YOUR reviews as well.

So if your site are into making reviews, feel very free to send us a link and let us read what you think of GTR Evolution. Who knows, we may even quote some of your writings.

RACE Pro glimpses

RACE Pro has been a new experience for us, since we are developing the technology in parallel with the content and features. This gives us great creative freedom and allows us to craft all solutions to fit our needs perfectly… but it also means it is very difficult for any outsiders to get any kind of feel for the actual progress until pretty late in the process. That’s where we are getting now and that’s why there are new screenshots and details on RACE Pro surfacing on the web from day to day. Key media are now recognizing the strength of the title, and they are picking up on the fact that this is a hardcore simulation release in the making. We still have some ways to go, but finally people outside the process can get a real idea of what we have been developing and it seems they like what they see very much.

And yes, RACE pro is a real simulation in true SimBin style. All drivers used to our previous PC titles will feel right at home in this title, which also is presenting some cool new features that should glue you and your friends to the TV sofa. But as we said before, our RACE Pro efforts does not mean we are shifting focus away from the PC.

The modding aspect

The past weeks have seen some major debates in the simracing scene and it has been a positive experience for us to see that most of you agreed it was time to put a stop to the direct conversions. Thanks to all of you who made your voice be heard and made a stand. It’s been a motivating factor for us and as always we’ll keep on doing our best to produce high quality material and live up to your support and your expectations. If you spot “illegal” conversions hosted on sites in the future please let us know so we can follow up on the issue.

The debate made it clear that some rough guidelines as to what is considered acceptable would make life easier for everyone. The main problem here is that we are not legally in a position to allow anyone to modify our files at all, and if we are forced to speak up on the issue in public we can ever only say NO!

So it is in everyone’s interest that things work in a way where we can be allowed to stay out of it, and leave modders to do what modders do without their actions hurting us to the point where we are forced to act. This means you have to take responsibility and help keep things clean.
The whole modding scene historically operates on mutual respect, on following some basic common sense rules and simply on the modders not rocking the boat too much. We hope this balance is now on the way to being achieved again, so we can go back to developing instead of policing.

With this in mind we advice that you visit the RSC forums here:

Look to their revised set of rules and adopt these as your own guidelines with regards to SimBin material.

We hope you will agree that these basic guidelines are fair, and I think they give even more room for modders than anyone would have expected. But in return for giving you all a lot of space for modding we expect you to help keep the online world clean from the “bad stuff” that slowly kills new simracing developments.
The RSC rules are not in any way official SimBin rules and they do not cover all situations, but use them as a rough guideline for you as an administrator to run your site…. And then let’s get back to racing ;)

That is all for this round of SimBin news, but we expect to be back in a few weeks with more news and more info direct from the source.

Best Regards:
Mikkel Gram-Hansen