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Folgendes habe ich im Sierra Forum gefunden:

The scheduled maintenance of the Sierra and Flipside online networks is complete. There are a couple of items to be aware of in regards to NASCAR® Racing 4 multiplayer racing on

1) DNS Changes. Several DNS updates were made and most users should already have these updates. However, less responsive ISPs may not acknowledge these changes for twenty four hours or more. You may be unable to play online until your ISP accepts the DNS updates. A temporary workaround to the above mentioned DNS issue would be to replace the server names with their new IP addresses in the game's CORE.INI. Note that once the DNS issues have been resolved, you will need to revert back to using the server names instead of the IP addresses.

Below is a list of the IP addresses associated with each of the 3 servers: > > >

Simply replace the server names with the listed IP addresses. Again, you may need to change these back to the server names after the DNS changes are complete.

2) The account database for Sierra titles is transitioning from Flipside to Sierra. Ratings may not be available until this process is complete. While we have tried to maintain all existing accounts, some accounts can not be moved as their names are incompatible with the Sierra naming rules. For your information, accounts on do not allow the following characters: ' " @ \ ` | ? % . /


Also, wer sich heute nicht bei sierra einloggen kann, sollte die Adressen und zugehörige Namen in die core.ini eintragen, dann sollte es gehen.