SFX-100 US Build


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Good day all... I'm looking at building the SFX-100 and was curious if anyone has built one in the US? If so, can you help provide any links to get some of the parts? I have searched amazon and found all of the amazon pieces in the US store, or like pieces from the German store, but just need some help with the following pieces .

aluminum profile system profile K50
thread insert
slot groove
hollow shaft
ball screw and nut
fixed bearings
linear bearings
shaft coupling

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.


User 34078

No... :(

My current rig would not attach to this safely in my opinion. I have the GT Omega Art Simulator cockpit...


User 28175

Looks like the K50 profile is end of life : (
alternatively you can take the profiles from ITEM, you need only some other print parts

I found at Aliexpress some profiles, ali linked the 3d print parts on the profile site too

Some Parts you can find here... https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005001427407717.html

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User 34078
If you like please send me here a PM with an email contact address of yours. Since I am for quite long time already member in SFX-Owners Club (discord channel), I could redirect you to / mediate some contact with at least one US-based SFX-100 owner (who is also having a lot of experience with SFX addon features etc.). Maybe he is able to give you some specific advices on local component supply too.