Schönes Gerücht! GPL2 1972


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eben auf r.a.s. gelesen, gepostet von Alex Cameron:
There are rumours that Sierra France has announced that papy's next sim will
be N5 in march 2002 followed by Grand Prix Legends 72 in september,

I haven't got a clue whether it's true or not but if it is it's the news
we've all been waiting for :-)
Wenns stimmt, erscheint GPL2 noch vor WSC:)

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Das ist ja eine Phantastiche Nachricht...

...doch hätte ich lieber die Turbozeit gesehen, also Minimum
10 Jahre nach GPL1.
Egal, Hauptsache Breite Pellen und richtige Bremsen :P

Ciao Gianni

Ps: sind Träume nicht etwas schönes:b~

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schaut mal im LC forum beim gpl2 thread vorbei und sagt wie unglaublich überirdisch es wäre wenn gpl2 erscheinen würde. das LC forum wird ja von papy auch gelesen (obwohl papy ja nicht das problem ist, sondern die sierra ...!)

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Telefongespräch mit D. Kaemmer...

If you all have been following I've been on a phone campaing to reach Sierra on if there will be a GPL2.
My previous efforts resulted in one person saying that the idea was bounced around and could happen but would prolly be from Europe and the other person just refused to say anything but that a game called GPL2 was not available from sierra.

Well I called up Papyrus and to my surprise after talking to the secretary for a few minutes she offered to transfer me to their technical director. his name is dave she said.

Well the phone picks up and the guys is all "this is Dave Kaemmer"... I was speachless... well I let him know what I had been through and asked him anything about gpl2... and he said he couldn't comment or say anything one way or another about it per company policy and stuff like that. The we talked about GPL a bit.

He did recieve the update CD that was sent to him along with the other things and did tell me that he checks in online sometimes to see what is going on in the GPL world. He is really amazed at the new work that has come out. He hadn't checked online recently because he was not aware of the new GPLEA eagle or of Bruces Brabham but he sounded interested in those.

I thanked him very much for his time and he appologized for not being able to say anything about a GPL2 but he did confirm to me that he was interested in doing another open wheel sim (as mentioned before in interviews).

Anyways... I've exhausted my ways of getting any info out so we'll just have to wait but I have the feeling from talking to him that something is in the works.

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