Reiza Studios - Automobilista (AMS) - Beta


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-Added Drift Series game mode
-Added Super F-Dirt series
-Added Buskerud Ice, Mendig Drift, Foz Tarmac track layouts
-Fixed a limitation that would allow players to reset tire set data leaving & rejoining the server in a multiplayer session
-Fixed an issue with AI lifting off when passing at the start finish line
-Added HDV Param AIPassLatScalar - This is how much extra space a car leaves to pass when overtaking when they have 0% aggression (default is 2 meters plus a base 0.5m)
-Added HDV Param AIForcePassCarLength - This is the distance in car lengths behind the car ahead that the AI will greatly increase their likelyhood to attempt a pass. Default is 0.6, higher, 1.0 or so recommended for slower cars
-Fixed various Z-fighting & other graphical glitches at Montreal, Adelaide, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Brands Hatch
-Bumped up default night brightness for slightly better night time visibility
-Set default fuel load for all cars to half tank capacity
-Updated AJR, F-Vintage, F-Dirt realfeel values
-Ibarra: Slightly improved AI performance in both layouts
-Caterham: Reduced team names
-SuperV8: Talent files typo fixes
-TC Classics: Adjusted clutch torque to avoid slipping on some cars; Fixed engines with wrong sound emission positions; AI tweaks; Fixed typo on Fusca 04 team

Please note Drift series & mode is still quite WIP - it´s been pushed to Beta as we´re looking to collect some feedback on the handling and the tracks.

User 8614

Build v1.5.09

-Added Kansai, Jacarepagua Drift track layouts
-Added Drift scoring to Drift Mode (WIP)
-Updated Drift physics & added V6 Turbo engine to Montana
-Fixed various Z-fighting & other graphical glitches at Cadwell, Imola, Guapore, Curitiba, Caruaru, Campo Grande, COrdoba, Goiania, Jacarepagua, -Johannesburg, Kansai, SAnta Cruz, Taruma, VelociTtá
-Adjusted aero effects on wake for F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza, F-Extreme
-F-Ultimate: HALO is now skinnable
-Montana: Small tire model adjustment

Build v1.5.1

-Added F-Ultimate 2018 series
-Fine tuned Drift scoring system
-Improved issue with AI backing off from passes across S/F line
-Added remaining teams & driver names to Drift series
-Imola: Improved curb & astroturf textures of 2016 layout
-FTruck: Adjusted fuel estimation on FC model