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Nein, das Tool ist mit dem Update auf 1.4.0 in der regulären Version erschienen.
Erreicht man wie gesagt über die Startoption in Steam (nicht über die Desktopverknüpfung)
Spiel starten und dann im Menü Custom Season Tool auswählen
Neue Saison anlegen oder vorhandene editieren
Serie auswählen
bei Calendar alle gewünschten Strecken auswählen und nach eigenen Wünschen in der Reiehenfolge verschieben
Punktevergabe festlegen (bei 2 Rennen pro Strecke kann auch eine 2. Punktetabelle angelegt werden)
Regeln für Gelb- & Safetycar festlegen
Serie abspeichern
Spiel starten, die abgespeicherte Serie ist nun bei der Rennserie unter Championship auswählbar
eigenen Wagen wählen
und wie gehabt die Serie (Realismus, Rennlänge, Abzahl Trainings, Rennen etc.) definieren, fertig.


Ist die alte Version von Hockenheim im Werks-Content von Automobilista, oder ist das eine Mod-Strecke?

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ist alles im letzten patch dazugekommen (für season pass besitzer oder die den streckenpack gekauft haben)


Ok. Sehe gerade, die lässt sich auf Steam separat erwerben. Sehr schön, tolle Strecke. :)

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den Seasonpass gibts diese Woche bei Steam mit 35% Rabatt


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Moin zusammen :)

Seit gestern startet AMS Beta (Steam) bei mir nicht mehr. Hab' es jetzt mittlerweile mehrmals neu installiert.
Vorhin sogar mal auf einer anderen Festplatte.
Wenn ich die .exe aufrufe, passiert genau: Nichts ?(
Weder wenn ich über Steam starte noch aus dem Ordner.
Merkwürdig. Hatte nie Probleme mit Steam und AMS.
Alles andere bei Steam läuft.
Einzige Veränderung am System (WIN 7 Pro 64bit) war gestern ein Update des Grafiktreibers (AMD).
Hab da aber auch alles durch. Älteren, vorherigen Treiber usw. .
Komisch ist, daß in dem Ordner "Eigene Dateien/Dokumente nichts von AMS erscheint?!

Tja, soweit so schlecht.....hat da jemand 'ne Idee?

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funktioniert das custom season tool auch nicht?
Im Dokumente-Ordner dürfte m.M.n. erst was erscheinen, nachdem das game zum ersten mal gestartet wurde..

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Die normale Version hab ich grad installiert....war vor ein paar Minuten fertig.
Passiert genau das gleiche. Hier mit dem Unterschied, daß Steam wenigstens 'ne Fehlermeldung anzeigt: "beim Aktualisieren ist ein Fehler aufgetreten"

Und Season-Tool geht auch hier nicht.
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So, läuft wieder.
So was blö lag an einer Einstellung bei COMODO Internet Security.
Irgendwas mit Container bla...keine Ahnung, was das macht, und weshalb es eingestellt war.
Also ausgestellt, und nun geht's wieder. Sorry!
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Wollen wir den Thread mal wieder ins Leben hervorrufen.

Für alle mit Beta- Zugang.

Release notes for v1.4.89 v1.4.895


-Added Metalmoro AJR series
-Constructed full path for adding Font Resources (further debugging for trying to solve issues some users are having with getting new fonts loading.)
-Removed decimal point from current fuel level when 10 or more units of fuel is present
-Added Pit Speed Limit to General Info page
-Fixed minor issue with finish session time out
-Improved Fuel Rate calculations to use a rolling 5 lap average for AI & Player
-Combined Online Chat & Timing Monitor screens
-Fixed last car disappearing on timing screen when a player is removed before starting a race


-Added script for installing new UI / HUD fonts automatically
-Refactored HudTach code to HudType as it actually is, in view of adding an actual option for the tachometer
-Added option to have different TV Overlays visible in external cams
-Fixed corruption of the water/oil elements on vehicle info MFD
-Fixed an issue with slot checking in driver.cpp
that's what's new in my build
-And in the earlier build, this is what's new
-UI: Smaller text on standings pages, fixed classification positioning in lobby.
-TV Overlay: Fixed fastest laps overlay online
-Chat Box: Fixed text positioning when typing in game online
-Fixed 'AI Has Left the Server' messages when a normal player joins the server
-Fixed Dedicated Server crash when a car finishes the race
-Fixed text alignment when using delta bar attached to timing
-Fixed tach always showing even when HUD is disabled
-Added code to enable default HUD, when dynhud is disabled and the current setting
-Smaller text on timing screens on monitor pages
-Added option to disable tach and not whole HUD
-Added option to reset all HUD settings to default
-Adjusted fuel warning to when you have less than 3 complete laps of fuel left and disabled it when fuel consumption is disabled
-Removed some HUD Settings which wouldn't have an effect when HUD is disabled
-TC Classic: Fixed error with 2 Uno cars from B class not appearing
-AJR: Updated FFB settings; Added "medium" tire compound as default option, minor physics & default setup updates; added driver names & talent files, adjusted t-cam position; adjusted external windshield alpha to the darker standard
-F-Truck: Added turbo model to all engines

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Build v1.4.9

-Added updated localization
-FTruck: Fixed wrong fuel estimates & turbo sounds


-Fixed a CTD when loading a track that has unexpected AIW format whilst parsing for Track Map
-Improved fuel log calculations in general. Now only log valid complete laps fixing an issue where by garage to s/f line would count as a full lap and result in AI having fuel issues
-Added an extra 5% safety to AI fuel calculations and adjusted AI fuel strategy in none race modes
-HUD time should show 00:00:00 after time expires on timed sessions
-Fixed an issue where championship vehicle would not select until you clicked on the driver name
-Forced load UI Fonts in 32 bit to stop image corruption
-Fixed a minor issue that Quali Duration would not enable after enabling Qualifying
-Added protection onto sending RESET_REPLAY event such that it sends it only in case replay is actually being recorded.
-Cleaned out audio code, removed some redudant bits (may solve some potential CTDs in higher AudioFX settings)
-Updated User Guide with HUD manual
-Updated light flares on safety cars
-F-Ultimate: Revised tire wear for all compounds
-TC Classics: Fixed wrong Uno Bala asymetrical front ride height; Fixed bug in Uno rear view mirror; Fixed error with 2 Uno cars from B class not appearing
-F-V12: Corrected missing VX ID in Magenta #12 car
-F-Classic: Improved edges in analogue cockpit gauges
-AJR: Fixed rear brake glow clipping rear wing end plate; Fixed slow standing start with Honda Turbo AI cars; fixed inconsistent engine / sound / cockpit settings in a couple of cars


-Save PLR File when going to track and leaving to main menu to address player controller settings not getting saved
-Fixed a CTD when race finishes online and you are a spectator
-Fixed a CTD going to garage menu online when you are a spectator
-Fixed G29 losing FFB when the game loses focus and under other arbitrary conditions
-Fixed turbo sound in replay bug
-Removed "Mono Speaker" from config app menu (not supported in Win7 and newer)
-Adjusted curb sounds of various vehicles
-Revised AI fuel estimates for all cars to much more accurate values (should prevent issues with AI retirements late in the race in some cars)
-Interlagos: Fixed F-Extreme compound restrictions
-Santa Cruz: Fixed FTruck CTD
-Londrina: Fixed road white lines in kart layouts
-Camaro SS: Added Stock car 2017 Safety Car as a driveable option
-ARC CAmaro: fixed click interior idle sound


-Fixed occasional CTD when crossing SF line on the first lap out of the pits online
-Fixed various Sound issues potentially causing CTDs and possibly server lag
-Fixed AMS Config resetting audio configuration
-Restored pre 1.4.9 replay compatibility, (1.4.9 -> 1.4.92 replays will not work though)
-Fixed major lag & potential CTD when someone joins a server when there are AI present
-Fixed an issue where the finish session button would not work in the last few minutes of a session when player has set a time.
-AI logic tweak to bring it more in line to overtaking behavior pre v1.4.9
-Updated morning lighting values
-Oulton: Fixed terrain hole inside pit lane exit
-TC Classics: fixed window material name on Uno; fixed rear suspension modeling on Fusca


-Added Buskerud Kart track (2 layouts)
-Added support for Ranked Servers: Lobby shows Ranked Servers average entrants ranking. Added player's server rank in monitor view (Only Reiza Official Servers will be ranked at this stage)
-Added "TIRE SETS" option to limit number of available tire sets over the race weekend (range 1-10 or unlimited as before)
-Added "RETURN TO PITS" option to RULES settings - Options are Instant, Car must be stopped and Car towed to garage with semi realistic or realistic timings
-Added Escape Menu Confirmation option to Display settings
-Redesigned Monitor UI screen
-Refactored internet connection type settings
-Disabled Pause While Zero Players server setting, as it is required for servers to announce on Steam
-Garage UI now shows fuel by decimal point when step is less than 1.0
-Added Game tag to results file with property "Automobilista"
-Added Steam ID and Race Rank to player entries in Results files
-Added Game Version and Profile in use to title bar on Dedicated Server
-Optimized UI files, removing unused files and entries
-New AI code which uses actual car width to calculate road width
-Increased frequency to smooth player´s steering wheel animation during replays (should no longer look jerky)
-Enhanced surface sounds positioning
-Fixed various little sound replay bugs
-Lowered spotter default volume to 75%
-Replay surface sounds are now positioned (both pre 1.49 and new replays)
-Remote vehicles now also have tire sounds (although highly approximated)
-Tweaked dirt residue sound calculation (should hear it more often)
-Audio now is smoothly faded in / out when pausing / resuming game
-Added additional audio output configurations: Surround Headphones 5.1, Surround Headphones 7.1, Surround Speakers 7.1
-Added "Trackside Camera Audio Directionality" into plr file, for stereo configurations. With it non-zero, sounds in the back will be less loud then ones in front of camera fixed limiter sound not being played
-Tweaked AI suspension rates to smooth ride over curbs a bit
-Granja: Revised AI paths in all layouts
-Boxer: Increased brake torque & adjusted front tire load sensitivity; Updated series skin set
-F-Trainer: Updated series skin set
-Karts: Adjusted fuel scale to allow 0.1L increments (needs Garage UI code tweak); Further adjusted AI, adjusted front tire load sensitivity; Removed redundant / innacurate feeler values; Reduced tire wear for all compounds; tweaked AI to reduce issues with rolling over curbs;
-AJR: Adjusted AJR RealFeel setting to reduce default FFB clipping


-Limited tire sets: Fixed tires not changing in pitstops; fixed tires being changed even when it was the same tire set already mounted; current set in pit menu now has a * instead of a #; Fixed the issue of tires not being reset when you skip to race session; Fixed CTD when profile is in spectator mode
-Fixed Spotter announcing last lap one lap too early if you were a leader in a timed race
-Fixed Steam info not being parsed correctly when dedi is hosting with out steam client logged in
-Fixed shadow bleeding through Driver Labels
-Fixed multi join screen sometimes showing wrong track map
-Fixed an issue where cancelling a server join results in a crash trying load a single player event afterwards
-Fixed Ranked Dedicated Servers not working when Steam isn't logged in.
-Fixed spinner not showing 'Realistic' option for "Return to pits" spinner
-Added RaceRank leaderboard to Profile page
-Auto select users time on TT Leaderboards
-Added audio environment settings to all circuits
-F3: Fixed double arms in F309
-Caterham: Fixed double arms in various models


-Added new Mendig Langeschliefe layout
-Added new crowd samples (club, national in addtion to old grandprix type)
-New helicopter camera sample
-Fixed loop on high rpm in AJR Honda Turbo
-Corrected some pitch errors in external tc classic's sounds
-Removed helicopter sound from ambient audio sample
-Updated TV cameras for F-Ultimate, F-Extreme, F-Reiza
-F3: Updated external sounds & fixed missing onboard pit limiter sound
-Karts: Added more suitable standard tireamanagement / startskill multipliers
-F-Reiza: Updated LCD display

Kart 125cc auf dem Track Buskerud 2. 8o:sabber::racer::banger:
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Habe ein schönes VID im Netz gefunden über das neu dazu gekommene Streckenlayout von Mending, "Mendig Flugplatz Langschleife".

User 8614


-Comprehensive Revision of AI Code resulting in better racing abilities throughout
-AI are now also restricted by limited tire sets setting (along with some basic strategical decisions)
-Fixed a CTD at track load if no sound card was found
-Fixed Turbo Data not getting reset for AI when loading a new vehicle (could lead to AIs running out of fuel)
-Increased and added ability to customize number of entries shown on Standings TV Display via customingamelayout.INI
-Added repair existing damage to escape to pits rules (Semi Realistic and up)
-Added restoring of Tow to Garage value when rejoining an online game
-Adjusted Driver Labels to only show a users RaceRank score online if they have a score (higher than 0)
-Fixed an issue where font shadows bleed through when text is fading out (Driver Labels)
-Added UI option to completely disable XInput detection
-Reduced size of final cut track warning message as it overran the TV Overlay background.
-Fixed an issue where a users PB lap times were registered as the fastest overall lap in a race online
-Fixed wheel rotation not being locked on external / non cockpit cameras (when driver is visible)
-Some minor optimizations to audio code
-Kick both users if two join with the same steam id on a RaceRank server
-Added a reason digit when users are kicked from a RaceRank server
-Adjusted AI brake usage
-Updated AI Aggression scalars for all cars to a more consistent baseline
-Interlagos: Updated 2017 version to include latest Cafe chicane layout, curb design & other cosmetic updates
-Hockenheim: Removed dust from road on the left entering stadium section
-F-V10: full team names to avoid mixing up in all cars / tracks; Increased downshift protection to avoid engine blow-ups
-AJR: Bumped up Judd V10 engine blowup threasholds to fix excessive failures
-FTruck: Fixed adjustable boost innacurately allowed in FC Truck
-MCR200: Moved default brake bias slightly forward