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Inner-Medium-Outer (I-M-O) tyre temps are the basis for tyre setup in AMS2.

I minus O must be targeted between 6 to 8 Cº at fronts for a close to ideal camber in AMS2.

M minus (I+O)/2 tell us how close to linear they are. Obviously the only manner to linearize these temps are changing tyre pressure. If M > (I+O)/2 it means an overinflated tyre, negative values and you get an underinflated tyre. Ideal is M equal to (I+O)/2. Linearizing those temps result in the optimum contact patch. So, the ideal pressure may vary according to the ideal temps. In this type of physical modelling you will not see a table of ideal pressures. Very different from ACC.

Problems: AMS2 v9 API passes wrong values of I-M-O temps via Shared Memory and more than this, tyre temps are integer numbers (no decimals). Those temps are ok via UDP but they continue to be integers and the result is diminished precision (and leaps in resulting calculus). Since v1.3.3.0 a new API was introduced and these 2 fails were corrected but no telemetry app I know was upgraded to use v10 till now.

I'm excited to this new era.