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Hier ein kleiner Auszug (Posting vom 11.09.)

I really do appreciate the passion for what is coming next at iRacing. We really don’t have any big secrets (although we are working on some pretty cool surprises for next year). We are simply hard at work on the things that both you and we want for the service. Some of the bigger feature-related items that we are currently working on were included in one of the questions in our recent survey. Those items include pitting, flags, race control, replays and open practice. Some of these items should be out soon. I hope they ALL will be out soon, but in this business things never go as planned. It is a very complicated and technically challenging endeavor. I have learned not to make promises if I’m not 100% certain we’ll be able to deliver.
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jo, cool Sache! freu mich das in Zukunft ein wöchentliches Entwicklungs-blog-update kommen wird.