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Hello Dr. Achterberg and friends,

Thank you for your very nice email about the EAGLE GURNEY-WESLAKE V-12. We
are confused about why you refer to the car as the Eagle T1G??? - a moniker
that we have seen before but never authored or endorsed. We believe this
reference was made by then AAR designer Len Terry - however, the official
name of the car is and has always been EAGLE GURNEY-WESLAKE V-12.

That said, Dan and Evi Gurney (the owners of All American Racers and Team
Eagle) have read your email and would love to have your group use the name
Team Eagle and gladly authorize you to do so. We are not so sure about the
use of the word "Official" as AAR should remain the only Official Team
Eagle. But we are very pleased that you want to keep the Eagle name alive
and in the winner's circle and gladly authorize you to use it - as long as
you promise to refer the car by it's correct name - Eagle Gurney-Weslake

Please keep us posted about any "Team Eagle" news. We are very happy to
have you establish a link to our website too! www.allamericanracers.com

Good luck to all of you and thank you again. Best regards from Dan Gurney
and his family. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact
me and I will pass your questions on to the boss.


Kathy Weida
Assistant to the Gurney Family
All American Racers, Inc.

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> From: Dr. Christoph Achterberg [SMTP:achterberg@virtual-racing.org]
> Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 8:46 AM
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> Cc: Thorsten Kaul; Roberto Hernandez; Maaki Stiepel; Jürgen Pilsl; Hansi
> Hollerer; Dietmar Scholz; Stefan Tschepe
> Subject: May the Eagle rise again?
> Hi everybody!
> If you read this: "Greetings, Dan!"
> As you may know, the glorious history of the Eagle T1G-Weslake has been
> become a part of one of the greatest Motorracing-Simulations for IBM-based
> computers, "Grand Prix Legends".
> Germany's "Virtual-Racing.org" ( <http://www.virtual-racing.org/gpl>) is
> about to start into it's fifth consecutive season, using this sim.
> Within the "German GPL Championship" (GGPLC) the "Team Eagle" has become
> on of the most successful teams.
> 8 drivers are going to win 2. place in the internal Team-Championship in
> the still running 4. season, 3 more drivers are to enter the next season.
> As a spin-off, GGPLC's "Team Eagle" has also entered the "German
> NASCAR League" with 8 drivers. All those drivers are avid fans of
> All-American Racers and consider Dan Gurney as some kind of boss.
> Furthermore Virtual-Racing.org's "Team Eagle"-drivers have become a major
> force within the international simracing community.
> As simracing is on the verge of becoming a professional sport (at least in
> Germany), our Team's aim is to become the core of simracing
> Eagle-aficionados around the world. All those drivers are to hold true to
> the sporting heritage of All-American Racers and especially Dan Gurney.
> To fulfill this approach, we'd like to know if All-American-Racers would
> sanction us to use the name "Official Team Eagle" and to link AAR's
> homepage from our own site, which is in production right now.
> I'd be exceptionally happy for any reply!
> Sincerely yours -
> Christoph Achterberg

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Starke Sache, Crippen!!
Rühl, bring mal Deinen Dr. ins Spiel und leiere sowas fürs die Brabis an. Wenn Du die Addy brauchst, ich hatte einen kurzen Mail-Wechsel mit dem Sohn von Sir Jack Brabham.

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starke sache crippen! ich hoffe ich hab nach dem japan gp auch eine "kleine" überraschung parat :rolleyes:

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An Ferrari werd ich nich schreiben.
Erstens kann ich gar kein Italienisch,und zweitens verklagen die mich womöglich,weil ich das Wort"Ferrari"ohne Genehmigung in einer Mail verwendet hab :D

gruß Uli

PS:werd Gianni mal anhauen.Soll der sich doch die Finger verbrennen,hehe



kannte die meiner meinung nach durchaus nackenhaarsträubende mail schon dank maaki. und ich muß sagen, crippen, alle achtung. obwohl da ja auch ein paar pferdefüße drinstehen... von wegen weslake und so. na ja. die anfeuerung am ende läßt einem schon erschauern.


1. hab ich keinen doktor.

2. gilt der (zum glück) in australien eh nix und so was würde das als unglaubliche peinlichkeit aufgefaßt.

3. my english, well, its not the very best

4. merkt kein aussi, stimmt.

gib email rüber aber hallo!

befehl vom boss in spe


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Cheffe, Du hast Mail.
Laß Crippen die Mail an die Brabham`s schreiben:)