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Hello dear SimRacing community.
Today I present you another masterpiece from our Andrea aka Andrea1968.
This time he gives us the track Mexico E-Prix for free.
This one includes the latest PBR skids, RTD mapping, an AIW for the singleplayer mode of Atomed and digital flags.

A beautifully detailed track that Andrea has recreated as authentically as possible in the virtual world of rF2.

As always, Andrea's work is a safe bet for driving fun and quality.

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F1 1988 by carrera4 and restored by trollray.
Awesome work buddys love it!
Every car in this F1 1988 mod has its own physics and a Zakspeed will never get ahead.
Also the talent files from trollray work great.
Senna, Prost, Berger, Mansell, Piquet etc!
Unforeseen accidents and crashes are the order of the day in this mod!
A pearl for all simracing enthusiasts and single players.
The big update from trollray is coming at the end of this year!
I can hardly wait!
S397 got detailed data about Senna's MP4/8 1993 thanks to close cooperation with Mclaren.
And compared to this car, this F1 1988 mod doesn't need to hide at all.
Authentic cars, with brute sound, H gear shift, Heel & Toe, no ABS or TC!
Real men's cars! And real craftsmanship!

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My first race with the new WTCR 2019 mod by Tommy78.
What can I say?
I am very impressed!
Why? Take a look!

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Another great track by Andrea1968!
Surfers paradise!

Once again we are treated to a quality track by Andrea.
Those who know him and his work know that you are always on the safe
side with him.
But enough of words, enjoy the video!

However, the track is not available until 2021/10/08.
This is a mistake on my part and I apologise to all involved.