New Track Pau by Alain Bosco


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I'm happy to tell you that my new track is ready to be downloaded.

I think you know that Pau is a French town and, as Monaco, this track is a great challenge.
In 1967 Clark, with his F2, had made the pole position in 1'20 and the race was winned by Rindt.

This track is more than 12 months of work and has been made with more than 80 photographies and with a lot of measurements and notes about the layout.
I've done my best but of course I don't say that the track is exactly the same than the original ;-)
Thanks again to Michel Vigneres, a user of this forum, for all the informations about the track.

To be really close to the reality the track is a "full 3d" track, like the Papyrus's version of Monaco.
All the track is made with 3d objects, the tracks makers will understand what I'm saying :-)
I've spent a lot of time to avoid clipping effects and to optimize the frame rate.
Anyway a 800 Mhz processor seems to be good to play without problem in a high resolution.

Please read the readme file to know all the greetings.

That's all, I hope you will enjoy the track.

Have fun !

This is the link to find the track :

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Alain "Road67" Bosco