new patch ist bald da.


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Shawn Wise (Developer) - 07:10am Oct 7, 2001 PST
Papyrus / NASCAR
Hi Everybody,

Although I'm not willing to announce a solid date yet, we hope to have the N4 patch work wrapped up very soon. There were a couple of problems on what we were hoping was going to be a release patch surface during the last round of testing. We'll need to do another testing cycle after we get them fixed and if nothing new surfaces we could be looking at being final in a couple of weeks.

I'll post another update after the testing is complete.

Thanks, -Shawn

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Ob ich ich "in a couple of weeks" mit BALD übersetzen würde, weiss ich nicht (man denke nur an den 'F1 RC'-Patch :D )

Aber gut zu wissen, dass sich etwas tut.
Nur zu viel sollten wir nicht erwarten, dass steigert dann im Endeffekt nur die Enttäuschung, wenn die Bugs dann doch noch vorhanden sind !

Gruss Andy

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Bei Papy kann man schon sicher sein das ein vernünftiger Patch recht bald auftaucht. Schon bei dem ersten wurde ja einiges gefixed.

Ausserdem war ja schonmal eine Beta Version im umlauf, das heisst ja schon was.



Papy iss ne Firma und Ubi ne abzocke.
Für das was N4 alles kann lassen sich die Bugs verkraften.
Aber sie werden bestimmt stetig an einer weiterentwicklung
arbeiten, da bin ich mir 1000% sicher.

Gruss Klausi

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jo, da is natürlich was dran

aba ich wollt halt einfach mal sagen, dass auch anders geht (Ubi)

und dass es in meinen augen nie (egal bei was) ne gute idee ist, was anzukündigen was dann im endeffekt doch noch länger dauert. das ist zwar bei spielen keine seltenheit, aber bei patches find ich das noch blöder

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is eigentlich bekannt, was in dem patch gefixed werden soll?

Wenn ich UBI Soft höre bekomme ich würganfälle! X(

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Readme PART 1

Nachdem ich dummerweise den Patch schon einmal installiert
habe ist hier die Readme dazu. ich denke dass sollten so in etwa die Eckpfeiler des Patches sein (gekürzte Version). Man beachte die neuen Funktionen für Multiplayer-Spiele ganz unten im Part 1 (additional Infos):


[ To read this file, select Edit/Word Wrap from the menu above ]




NOTE: The 1.3.x.x version of NASCAR® Racing 4 is not multiplayer compatible with previously released versions. As a client you will only be able to see and join 1.3.x.x servers, and similarly as a host only 1.3.x.x clients will be able to see and join your server.





* AI will no longer panic and dive to the apron on race starts.

* Improved yellow flag pit strategy.

* Improved pacing behavior.

* Improved pitting behavior.


* Changed min/max camber settings to +/- 5.0°. Car setups with values outside of this range will be clamped when loaded.


* Multiplayer login is now allowed to continue if Message of the Day cannot be accessed.

* The Message of the Day now has proxy support. Use the updated SierraUp utility to set the values for your HTTP proxy.

* Players with "car_class" hacked .CAR files will no longer be able to connect to multiplayer races.

* Clients will now always get proper weather settings when connecting to server.


* Pit crew will no longer service car when player pits to serve multiple stop and go penalties.

* The F9 box's repair option will reset to YES if car suffers additional damage.

* Fixed a bug which could cause the tires and fuel can carried by the pit crew to not be visible during pitstops at Watkins Glen.


* "Wallriding" penalty no longer applied after rubbing AI cars.


* Fixed a bug which prevented a black flag from being issued when speeding through the pits on the last lap of qual or race sessions.

* Fixed a bug which could cause cars to be inserted into the caution line in an incorrect order.


* Fixed a bug which prevented the OpenGL renderer from working on boards without multitexture support.


* Made crew chief's fuel recommendations more conservative.

* Fixed a bug which could prevent low fuel warning messages in race sessions.


* Fixed a bug where the game could crash if the delete key was pressed while on the Available Races screen.

* Fixed a bug which could cause qualifying standings to be lost after advancing to race session.

* Added off-line league support to exported standings (see 'Additional Information' section below for details).

* Southeast wind direction can now be selected.

* Improved sorting of the available races table.

* The GDI renderer is now properly identified on the Options screen.



If you have no sound in game, it may be necessary to go to the Audio tab of your Windows Multimedia Control Panel and select the proper playback device. You may also want to disable the "Use only preferred devices" option if it is currently enabled.


By default NASCAR® Racing 4 will run at highest priority. This is perfectly fine for most users, if you experience problems trying to use Microsoft's Game Voice or other similar voice chat programs you may need to force NASCAR® Racing 4 to run at a lower priority by adding a "-kh0" (that's dash K H Zero) command line parameter to the shortcut:

"C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 4\NASCAR Racing 4.exe" -kh0


If you are receiving "Connection Time-Out" messages when attempting to connect to multiplayer races or see no ping times displayed for any of these races you may need to select a different TCP/IP device in the "Connect Via:" drop-down list in the login box. Note that if you have a dynamic IP address it may first be necessary to enable the "Find Network Addresses Another Way" option using the CONFIGURE button at the bottom of the main multiplayer screen before the proper TCP/IP device will be listed.


By default in multiplayer races you will receive chat messages when other players connect and disconnect. These messages can be distracting to some users, so it is now possible to disable them by editing the following line in your PLAYER.INI (located in your Players\Player__Name directory), changing the 1 to a 0:



After the checkered flag, the race will wait for three minutes before advancing to the next track the loop or returning to the setup screen. This allows players to chat after the race or to save the replay. If you wish to change this amount of time you may edit the auto_leave_timeout line the [SERVER] section of the PLAYER.INI (note that this value is seconds).


You may only have up to 42 connections to a multiplayer server for both human and AI opponents. In order to allow the addition of AI opponents to the server, you must first reduce the number of allowed TCP/IP or IPX connections to less than 42 human opponents. Once this is done you will be able to fill out the field with AI opponents.


Server administrators now have several additional chat commands which they may use to control their server:

!do_not_auto_start_next_race - Temporarily overrides a server running a series of looped races allowing you to exit back to the track setup screen and select a new track and/or race options (note that the server will resume the previous loop at the completion of the race using the newly selected race options).

!show_password - Returns the server's current access and boss passwords.

!set_password - Used to change the server's current access and/or boss passwords. For example, the chat command "!set_password new_access_pwd/new_boss_pwd" would change the access password for clients to be "new_access_pwd" and the boss password would be changed to "new_boss_pwd". This has no affect on clients and bosses currently connected to the server, but if they were to disconnect and reconnect they would need to know the updated password(s).

!clear_password - Removes the server's current access and boss passwords.

!shutdown -Shuts down the server.

!list_commands - Returns a complete list of administration commands.

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Readme PART 2 - Rating System


Note that although we currently have no plans to change any of this, it is all subject to change without notice.

Higher ratings are better. 10 is the highest rating, and 0 is the lowest.

When you create a new user ID, the ratings for that ID will all be 0.

Your current ratings appear in the "RATINGS" box on the "Available Races" multiplayer screen.

You have separate ratings for each of four track types.
RC = road course (Watkins Glen and Sears Point)
ST = short track (Bristol, Martinsville and Richmond)
SS = super speedway (Daytona and Talladega)
SW = speedway (currently, all other tracks)

A race server will update the ratings database if all of the following conditions are met:
- The race has rating restrictions in effect for the track type being run.
- At least four players started the race (this does not include AI drivers).
- The race winner completes enough laps to account for at least 10 minutes of racing at a "normal" lap speed at this track. Generally, 10% races will qualify.

Once the race is complete, each driver that started the race will be assigned points for this race as follows:
- You gain points for each driver you finish ahead of. You gain more points if your current rating is lower than the other driver, and fewer points if your rating is higher than the other driver (within limits). For example if your rating is a 3, and you finish ahead of a driver with a rating of 5, you gain more points for beating them than they would gain if they beat you:

* Finish ahead of a driver 2 or more skill levels higher: +5 points each
* Finish ahead of a driver 1 skill level higher: +4
* Finish ahead of a driver of the same skill level: +3
* Finish ahead of a driver 1 skill level lower: +2
* Finish ahead of a driver 2 skill levels lower: +1
* Finish ahead of a driver 3 or more skill levels lower: 0

- You lose points for each driver you finish behind. You lose more points if your current rating is higher than the other driver, and fewer points if your rating is lower than the other driver (within limits):

* Finish behind a driver 3 or more skill levels higher: 0
* Finish behind a driver 2 skill levels higher: -1
* Finish behind a driver 1 skill level higher: -2
* Finish behind a driver of the same skill level: -3
* Finish behind a driver 1 skill level lower: -4
* Finish behind a driver 2 or more skill levels lower: -5

- In addition, there is a 3-point penalty for being involved in an "incident". An incident is defined as an event that either triggers the yellow flag or would have triggered the yellow flag had cautions been enabled. It is possible to be given multiple incident penalties in a race. Incident points are assigned without regard to who instigates an incident, and who is a victim. Being a victim is simply a part of racing. Drivers that keep their eyes high, their tempers cool, and use their heads are much less likely to become victims.

Note that this (generally) means that drivers that finished well will receive positive point totals, and drivers that finished farther back in the pack will receive negative point totals.

We then look at your points total for this race and your previous 9 races at this type of track(*). Your lowest 2 point total races are dropped, and the point totals from the remaining 8 races are averaged.

If the average is greater than some limit (a positive number), your rating for this type of track is increased by 1, and your race point total history for this type of track is reset to 0. The limit point at which your rating will increase gets higher as your rating gets higher, making it harder to increase your rating as your rating increases. That is, it's much easier to go from a 0 rating to a 1 rating than it is to go from a 9 to a 10.

Average Points Needed to Advance a Skill Level:

SKILL LEVEL: 0-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9
AVERAGE POINTS: 6 15 24 33 45

If the average is less than some limit (a negative number), your rating for this type of track is decreased by 1, and your race point total history for this type of track is reset to 0. The limit point at which your rating will decrease gets smaller (in magnitude, but numerically higher since it's a negative number) as your rating gets higher, making it easier to lose a rating level as your rating increases. That is, it's much easier to drop from a 10 to a 9 than it is to drop from a 1 to a 0.

Average Points Needed to Drop a Skill Level:

SKILL LEVEL: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10
AVERAGE POINTS: -45 -33 -24 -15 -6

Something you would do well to note:
- Provided all the conditions above are met, your rating will be updated even if you don't finish the race! If you get caught up in some turn one shenanigans and quit the race in frustration, your rating will suffer the consequences. If you care about your rating, you have a couple options:
(a) check out the competition during practice and warmup. If it seems like there are a lot of yahoos out there, disconnect from the server and go find another race. If you don't get into your car during the race session, your rating won't be updated.
(b) Take it easy on the first lap! If you drive aggressively into turn one and leave yourself no margin for error (yours or someone elses), you are much more likely to come out a loser than a hero.
(c) If you do get taken out early in the race, keep driving! You probably won't win the race, but many people will ignore this advice and just quit (you know the type - incidents are ALWAYS someone elses fault, and they constantly spew profanity). Finish the race and drive their rating down!

(*) You can view your points histories by clicking on your own ID in the "PLAYERS", "INVITE" or "MUZZLE" lists, hitting the "P" (profile) button, and then holding down the left-shift and left-control keys while the PROFILE dialog box is displayed. The number between () is your current rating at the track type, and the numbers between [] are your point totals for your last 9 races. The other numbers are RR=races run, RC=races completed, LA=laps available in those races, LC=laps completed, and IC=incident count. Your LPI (laps per incident) rating is LC divided by IC.


If you have a router or firewall and would like to allow multiple users on your LAN to connect to the same multiplayer server, you will need to have each of the clients behind the router use a different net_server_port in their CORE.INI files (one client would make no changes and use the default port, while each of the others would need to specify a unique net_server_port).

Additionally if you are hosting a server from behind the router by forwarding the default UDP port range to the LAN IP of the server, no clients on your LAN will be able to connect to multiplayer races since all of the incoming packets would be forwarded to your server. If you want to allow these clients to connect to races while your server is running, it would be necessary to forward and configure the server to use a non-standard UDP port range (see README.TXT for details).


NASCAR® Racing 4 now includes much of the information that N2/N3 generated that is used by off-line league administrators to verify that league members are not cheating. To include this information in NASCAR® Racing 4's exported standings files, enable a flag in PLAYER.INI...

off_line_league_info=0 ; Export extra info?

Changing this to 1 will cause the additional information to be included in the exported standings. The following additional information will be exported...

(a) There will be an additional column, titled "TAG", for each driver in the race standings. This tag is computed from the .CAR file used by that driver, and will change if that car is changed. When a league member submits exported standings, the TAG value for all of the drivers should match the TAG value for the 'approved' .CAR files.

(b) The AI Strength setting is now exported.

(c) The number, type and length of the weekend's sessions are exported. For example, "2Q1LR50L" means the weekend had 2 sessions; Qualify for 1 Lap, then Race for 50 Laps.

(d) The options for the weekend are exported. This will be a string of characters with one character for each of the following options:
0/2/3 - Damage model (0=None, 2=Moderate, 3=Realistic)
Y/- - Yellow flags enabled/disabled
F/- - Fixed setup enabled/disabled
A/- - Driving model (A=Arcade, -=Simulation)
I/- - AI used? (I=yes, -=no)
D/- - Double file restarts enabled? (D=yes, -=no)
C/- - Cockpit view forced? (C=yes, -=no)
S/- - Smoke display forced? (S=yes, -=no)
M/- - Mechanical player breakdowns? (M=yes, -=no)
L/- - Full pace lap enabled? (F=yes, -=no)
W/- - Realistic weather enabled? (W=yes, -=no)

So, for example, "0Y-AID--M-W" means "damage model is set to None, yellow flags are enabled, fixed setup is disabled, the driving model is Arcade, AI are included, Double file restarts are enabled, cockpit view is not forced, player Mechanical failures are enabled, shortened pace lap is selected, realistic Weather is enabled".
Note that not all of these options are applicable to single-player races.

(e) A signature value that is computed from the track geometry and the TRACK.INI file. If the league member has altered the track geometry, or has altered the TRACK.INI, this value will be different.

Additionally, a utility program is included that allows a league administrator to verify that the exported standings file has not been edited. Place this program (PAPYVAILDATE.EXE) in a directory in your path, or copy it into the directory that contains the exported standings files you wish to verify. Run the program, giving it a command line parameter telling it what files should be validated. For example:
C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 4\exports> papyvalidate *.html
<test11.html> valid.
<test12.html> valid.
<test13.html> Invalid. File has been modified.
<test14.html> valid.

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eigentlich steht da, das sie nur noch ein Test Umlauf machen müssen, und falls nix mehr auftaucht, wird der patch re-leased. Papy testet immer gründlich. 8)



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tja, aber leider ham sie doch eher wenig gegen die bugs im reglement getan.......und das meinte ich in den vorigen posts

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Vielen Dank für die vielen Infos! Hab nun durch das Forum mein Wissens-Defizit hinsichtlich des anstehenden Patches wieder aufgeholt. :)

Schön, dass der Wind dann auch von Süd-Ost blasen kann - da freuen sich die Sachsen... ;)