New alpha version of Movie Studio 2 available


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Hi all,
As the more than amazing Camera Control Master has been released, I decided to update MS2 a bit. New features (yeah, copied from GPL2AVI include capturing in slow-motion and also more or less useful fade-in is available.

This alpha version is currently only available at

(I made a quick test movie (took about one minute), it's available at

Some documentation:
* Remember to set FSAA on, 4x is good. It reduces flicker
* new keys are:
+ numpad-* :turn on fade-in
+ numpad-/ :turn fade-in off
+ A : increase slow-motion
+ Z : decrease slow-motion
(to capture still image, keep pressing Z, motion setting is ---...)
* a bit faster than GPL2AVI (and it's much easier to fly in record-mode than in realtime
* MS2 will only work with FULL SCREEN.
* MS2 will try to show you the current
setting on screen. The information box flickers a lot but hopefully it can show something useful information..

Fading works only with GPL, slow-motion should work with N4 too, but I haven't tried that.