Neue Alison Hine Setups


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I've posted a new collection of setups at my Web site. Go to:

Eagle Woman's Racing Sims

Once there, click on Help, then Car Setup on the navigation menu on the left. You'll find a link to the new Gen 2 Setups page in the right-hand column of the Car Setup page.


This is my first collection of setups in over two years.

Using what I've learned from developing my real-world Cobra for the race tracks of northeastern US and Canada, I've developed a new generation of setups for the cars in GPL.

I feel these setups are the most realistic and enjoyable setups I've ever driven for GPL - and they are faster than my old setups, too!

You can download them from my site and also read more about why I think they are better than my old setups - and why I like them better than pretty much any other GPL setups I've tried.

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