[N4] Your game version appears to be out of date


User 123

Sony and HighPoint have identified an incompatibility with the updated SecuROM copy protection used by the NASCAR® Racing 4 1.3 patch and certain HTP370 RAID Controller driver combinations. Until a fix is made available, some users have had success by reverting back to the HighPoint 1.0.3 drivers.
Additionally if after installing the NASCAR® Racing 4 1.3 patch you are receiving a "Your game version appears to be out of date" error when logging into Sierra.com multiplayer, it's possible that the patch installation truncated the game's long filenames down to 8.3 format. For example "NASCAR Racing 4.exe" might have been renamed "NASCAR~1.exe" (note that the trailing ~1 might include a different number instead of one). To fix this you can manually rename the necessary files as outlined below, or download this batch file to your NASCAR® Racing 4 installation directory and then double-click it to automatically rename the files.

NASCAR~1.exe > "NASCAR Racing 4.exe"
Sierra~1.dll > "SierraUpN4Res.dll"
rendse~1.dll > "rendserver.dll"
paintkit\n4paint~1.rsc > "paintkit\n4paintkit.rsc"