My Road to Sim Racing DIY with SFX-100 [And I need a God Father too ;)]


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Hi Virtual Racing Members,

I started my Sim Racing DIY adventure since July 2020 by building Open Force Feedback Wheel, Arduino powered Pedals, H-Shifter and Handbreak.
Currently I am working on the SFX-100 motion rig and hopefully completing soon and start assembly everything together to start my first motion drive.

As I study on the SFX-100 system building, I realized I need a God Father to introduce myself to the SFX 100 team which to allow me to make a donation and grant me access to the SFX 100 Discord Channel along with Expert mode access.

With this opportunity, I will use this thread to post my current SFX-100 build progress and my other DIY Sim Racing projects.

Here is my current SFX-100 build progress,

1. Rig Builds - [In Progress]
  • Aluminium Profiles and Bucket Seat Installation - [Completed]
  • Mount Actuators - [Work in Progress]
  • Mount Force Feedback Wheel, Pedals, Shifter and Handbreak - [Work in Progress]
Sim Rig initial build.jpg

2. 90ST-02430 Actuators Assemblies - [Completed]
4 Actuator.jpg
3. Servo Drive Jog Test and Setup - [Completed]
Start on SFX100.jpg
Messy Wiring.jpg
4. Controller Wiring and Testing Actuators - [Completed on 2022-01-27]
  • Made a Arduino Shield for the Controller and DB25 connections - [Completed]
  • Flashed SimFeedback firmware to Arduino Leonardo board - [Completed]
  • Testing Actuator and Trouble shooting - [Completed]
    • Manage to test the Actuator with Dirt Rally 2, but the controller randomly stop responding in the middle of the game
    • After some research online, it seems to be cause by EMI. I have change the DB25 to shielded cables and connect the shield to Arduino Ground, added Ferrite Bead to both USB cable and DB25 cables. With this, I managed to play longer this time, but at certain point, the controller still stop responding.
    • Doing more research at the moment, curently found below suggestions and going to try out
      • Replace the Motor to Servo Drive power cables to shielded power cables [Resolved the EMI issue]
      • Place the Controller further away from the servo motors and drives
    • Your input and advise on this is welcome :-)
    • Updates on 2022-01-27 - Replace the Motor to Servo Drive power cables to shielded power cables resolved the EMI Issue.
SFX-100 Shield.jpg SFX-100 Shield Side View.jpg

Below is my other DIY Projects for the Sim Racing,
1. Open Force Feedback Wheel - Using VNM Wheelbase Firmware with STM32F407 board. - [Completed]
2. Arduino powered Pedals, H-Shifter and Handbreak - [Completed]
3. Wireless Button Box for the Wheel - [Pending]
Open Force Feedback Wheel Shifter and Handbreak.jpg Pedals Front View.jpg Force Feedback Wheel with 130ST-10010 using VNM firmware.jpg HShifter.jpg
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Updates on 2022-01-27
  • Completed Controller Wiring and Actuator Test
    • Replace the Motor to Servo Drive power cables to shielded power cables resolved the EMI Issue
    • But the ordered Shielded Cables are double the size of the original cable, printed new cover to secure the power cable end.
  • Next step will start mounting the actuators and other controllers to the rig.
Replace Motor Power Cables with Shielded Cables.jpg Replace Motor Power Cables with Shielded Cables Close up.jpg Motor Power Cables New 3D Printed Cover.jpg