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Imma just ramble about some premier class riders and make some stupid uninformed guesses

Dovi. This is gonna be his last season. Petronas Yamaha (I mean WitU RNF) ain't gonna want to be the place for former champions (or near champs) to have their last season glory rides. Dude came back and has been uncompetitive even compared to rookies. He's at his swan song moment.

Taka Nakagami. Flashes of brilliance followed by thunderstorms of mediocre riding at the midfield to below of the pack. He's there still because of his JP sponsors and the want at Honda to field a JP rider and likely the sponsorships and factory Honda push to have at least one national rider on the grid. He's the best of the JP riders though. Multi year contracts mobdro kodi already signed but imo not because of his riding ability but nationality + sponsors.

Vinales. We bout to start hearing some rambling and yelling from this guy again. His honeymoon period with Aprilla is coming to a close and he hasn't been performant despite Aleix showing front of pack capabilities for quite a while now.

Jorge and Zarco...incredible riders at a sattelite team. Zarcos story is documentary worthy coming back from all that. They'll be eyeing Jacks factory seat.

Jack. My favorite rider on the grid. But main issue is the 'bike' everything needs to be perfect for him to achieve results whereas Stoner was known for his precise ability to adapt to the bike (even when shit) and ride the hell out of it. Too many race failures, dropping down the pack despite fantastic qualifying and DNFs due to imperfections here and there. In some ways, he's a bit similar to Maverick.

Marc....I don't think I need any hot takes on this dude. He's riding out of his skin to claw back what was his and to make up for it and its showing....with all the mega tumbles he keeps on doing.

Alex Rins, Best technical rider of Suzuki, has front of pack potential but he races too aggressively and takes too many aggressive risks early in the game and then...bins it. Mir won because he's much more consistent and can stay in the race to get points when half the riders are crashing out.

Fabio, someone get this guy the nickname of Iceman. Stone cold qualifying and race day.

Aleix. Extremely talented rider, anyday now for the first Aprilla GP winner.