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es gab früher schöne Bräuche die bei Überbringern schlechter Nachrichten Anwendung fanden.


Früher war alles besser.

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@Stefan: Touché! ;)
@TiTop: Würden die heute noch Anwendung finden, wärst Du schon längst nicht mehr in der Lage, derart freche Bemerkungen fallen zu lassen, also nimm' Dich in acht :D.

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Da steht wohl Aussage gegen Aussage.

Posted on the West Racing mail list a few mins ago:

Well chaps, I've had a nosey through this with a reliable contact (relation)
and this is not fact.
The fella at Razorworks is in some serious bother as Empire are pretty
pissed about this rumour as well.
C&T have indicated they are still working flat out but are still bound by
legal constraints to not speak about it. They do say that this rumour is not
indicative of the true state of affairs but 3rd hand guessing.
They cannot officail confirm or deny these rumours as they are not allowed
to comment directly (and is why I have not simply posted the reply here but
sumarised it in my own words) but reading between the lines, the impression
is that this reported fact is just rubbish.
They also say they hope to be free of the constraints soon, and then they
will be able to discuss what happened, and what is going to happen.

Please don't ask me for more info as I don't have any.

Das Warten geht weiter.


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Das würde ja bedeuten, daß WSC dieses Jahr rauskommt, denn die Entwicklung ist schon im 7. Jahr.
Arvid, keine falschen Hoffnungen machen, bitte ;).