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November 15th 2006: Melbourne, Australia based game development studio Primer Interactive™, today announced their upcoming game, KartSim™, in the lead up to the inaugural eGames and Entertainment Expo to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 17th - 19th of November.

Scheduled for world-wide release in quarter 4, 2007, KartSim™ is being developed for the PC with unprecedented accuracy. Produced in conjunction with leading physicists and mechanical engineers from around the world, the dynamics of a kart chassis are calculated in real time allowing for true to life handling characteristics.

With the initial release to feature Australian tracks and drivers, the KartSim™ franchise will expand to include European, Asian and American regions soon after release.

Other features include:

-Kart dynamics calculated in real time allowing setups to be adjusted and other effects like mechanical jacking and chassis flex to be simulated

-11 different classes to drive catering from midgets to Formula 100 and 125 shifter karts

-Advanced 2 stroke engine simulation allowing carburettor and exhaust length tuning

-GPS modelled tracks for unparalleled realism

-Advanced wet weather physics and graphics

-Day to night cycles

-Advanced DirectX 9 graphics engine with full support for HDR

-Physics controlled drivers that will fall out in the event of a rollover or crash

-Dynamic rubber build-up calculated in real time from the player’s driving lines affecting both wet and dry physics

-Sophisticated tyre model with real tyre curves allowing trail-braking into corners

- Online racing with custom liveries and skins

- Advanced AI based off Australia’s top karters

Visit the official website at www.kartsim.com or email enquiries@kartsim.com

So come and try the hotlap demo of KartSim and attempt to beat Australia’s quickest karters at the 2006 eGames Expo!


fährt zuällig jemand nach melbourne?

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:sabber: wird echt mal Zeit !

keinen Bock mehr auf Schummel-Kart ... und SlimJims rFactor Kart mod ist auch nich sooo die Bombe..

"ick freu mir"


Na Phillip, immer noch auf der Suche nach einer erfolgreichen ISI Abstinenz? :happy: :daumen:

Bin ich aber auch mal gespannt, endlich mal wieder frischer Wind :]


die WIP screens stammen angeblich aus der kartsim:


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Das errinert stark an Netcar Pro. Da gabs es auch zuerst Bilder von der Strecke.

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Nachdem ich gesternabend das hier gelesen habe, habe ich mich direkt mal ran gemacht und eine email geschrieben !

Hello team Primer Interactive,

Someone posted these news into our forum:
Siehe Oben

Original Email vom 15.11.06
I was very surprised as i saw this topic posted into our forums because i'm one of the top kart drivers here in germany.

My name is Burkhard Maring, i'm 17 years old. I finished 8th at the 100ccm ICA World Cup, 14 th at the European Championship (ICA) and 3 rd at the German Kart Championship.

for further information you can visit my homepage www.burkhard-maring.de it's written in german but perhaps you can put some things into Babelfish to translate them.

But the main thing because i'm contacting you, is that i'm very interested to help you building up this sim. The main thing that makes a Simulation perfect are physics and setups.So i would prefer to help with these things but i'm also open to some other details !

I would be proud to help all you guys with this thing because it sounds very, very cool !!!

So please contact me back and say what you think.


Burkhard Maring from Germany

Und das war die Antwort:

Original Antwort von Primer Interactive
Hi Burkhard,

Thanks for contacting Primer Interactive. We will soon be entering the beta testing phase and would welcome someone with your experience in addition to your knowledge of kart setups and ICA. Feel free to tell your friends all about us. In the mean time, keep visiting www.kartsim.com where we will post videos and screenshots in the coming weeks.


The Primer Interactive Team

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Na dann viel Spaß beim testen :daumen:
und halt uns immer schön auf dem Laufenden. Wäre schön, wenn es mal eine richtig gute Kart-Sim geben würde.

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man man man irgendwann kann man hier ne komplette karriere simulieren vom kart über formel junior bis in die hohen klassen des motorsports :D ne virtuelle karriere bei VR :D

hoffen wir das die sim taugt

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Original von Andreas Zeyen
man man man irgendwann kann man hier ne komplette karriere simulieren vom kart über formel junior bis in die hohen klassen des motorsports :D ne virtuelle karriere bei VR :D

hoffen wir das die sim taugt

Alternativ kannst dir auch Race Driver kaufen :D :D

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das doch sone mädchen sim oder? :D

bin mir sicher, das irgendwo nu nen fettnäpfchen rumsteht. datt find dich noch


ich wollte mich mal für den newsletter eintragen, aber in der e-mail spalte wird kein @ angenommen. wer kennt den trick?


Der Glance der jede hektische Korrekturbewegung mitmacht, würde mir auf die Nüsse gehen.

Ansonsten kann man ja noch nicht soviel erkennen, sieht aber schonmal gut aus.