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hat noch jemand das Problem, das Kart Kraft dauernd unterbricht?? Auch hab ich nach dem letzten Update kein Trippelscreen mehr, sondern 3x1 Monitor

User 12473

KartKraft machr mit dem Schalter wirklich Laune :daumen:

Gerade mit SFX100 Motion und Traction Loss, erinnerte es mich an meine aktive Zeit :racer:

Keep SimRacing ...in motion

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Kein Motion hier aber das bockt wirklich, ich warte sehnsüchtig auf den Multiplayer oO

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Ich warte sehnsüchtig auf mehr Strecken. Es macht wirklich Laune und wie Florentin sagt: es erinnert sehr stark an die aktive Zeit. Ich glaube aber ehrlich gesagt nicht, dass das Game multiplayertauglich ist.

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Also seit Gestern fahre ich das Schalter-Kart und habe Heute ein wenig mit dem Setup rumprobiert !

Wirklich gelungene Physik und Kart-Einstellungs-Parameter.

Mann kann die Setup-Veränderungen sehr gut im FFB und im Motion nachvollziehen.


Mehr Nachlauf, höhere Lenkkräfte und natürlich auch anderes Einlenkverhalten

oder größere Spurweite, anderes Ansprechen des Traction-Loss

Wirklich ein sehr gelungene Kart-Simulation !

Keep SimRacing ...in motion
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Also seit Gestern fahre ich das Schalter-Kart und habe Heute ein wenig mit dem Setup rumprobiert !

Wirklich gelungene Physik und Kart-Einstellungs-Parameter.

Mann kann die Setup-Veränderungen sehr gut im FFB und im Motion nachvollziehen.


Mehr Nachlauf, höhere Lenkkräfte und natürlich auch anderes Einlenkverhalten


größere Spurweite, anderes Ansprechen des Traction-Loss

Wirklich ein sehr gelungenes Kart-Simulation !

Keep SimRacing ...in motion
Welches Lenkrad fährst du denn und kannst du mal deine Settings am Lenkrad und Ingame posten?

User 12473

Ich benutze zur Zeit ein SimuCube 1 mit Lenze 29Nm

InGame habe ich eigentlich nur auf 900 Grad Lenkwinkel gestellt und 80 % Filter

und im SimuCube :

TBWA 220 Hz

SimuCube Filter 3

Damping 10-14

Friction: 3

User 4503

Wir fangen an die ersten Multiplayer Sessions zu testen. War ja von dem ersten Beta Tag dabei. Man kann sich im Spiel bei "Online" eintragen und mit etwas Glück bekommt man eine Einladung in den Multiplayer Test

User 2740

ich habe noch einer längeren Pause wieder mal Kartkraft fahren wollen. Geht aber nicht mehr, das Bild bleibt alle 2 Sekunden stehen. Sowohl in VR als auch am Monitor.
Gibt es da Abhilfe?

User 2740

nein, ich mach nur Simracing. In welchem Ordner speichert Kartkraft seine Einstellungsdaten. Ich würde den gerne löschen, fall sich dort ältere Daten befinden.

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Build is now live on Steam


"Build is now live on Steam. Please restart Steam if you do not see the update.

The FFB algorithm now uses a force based calculation, rather than impulse based. This significantly increases detail and feedback through the steering system. FFB settings may need to be adjusted and can be increased relative to their previous settings. Without overhyping it, this completely changes the feel of the game. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Increased longitudinal tyre skid volume
DirectInput no longer reacquires FFB devices when a system device change flag is set. Possible fix for periodic stutters when driving
Increased front tyre grip on MG Yellow
Fixed bug where driver would be standing in vehicle for a frame upon being connected to the kart
Fixed bug where vehicle radar would detect opponents above or below you. e.g. PFI bridge.
Fixed incorrect map loading in NTK KZ2 Minimal Time Trial
Network stats can now be made visible on the HUD via Settings->Game->Hud->Show Network Stats
Fixed bug where sessions wouldn't refresh properly if screen remained open for hours
Added a "wrong way, turn around" notification when driver is driving backwards around track
Added pit indicator to HUD placings
Ping now draws on left side of placings in HUD
Fixed crash when restarting race
HUD adjusted to avoid overlapping elements with large numbers of racers
Disconnected players draw ping as "--" instead of "0"
Enabled onboard cameras in spectator mode
Fixed driver being detached from kart sometimes upon spawning in to map
Fixed unresponsive register button in scheduled session list
Added delta to live placings HUD widget in Online Practice"

User 23198

Grüß euch,

hat schon jemand FFB Settings für das Fanatec DD1?
Hab selber schon so viel probiert, komme aber in diesen Game auf keinen grünen Zweig.


User 10763

Build is now live. Please restart Steam if you do not see the update.

New input system

The input system has been completely re-designed and built from the ground up to make setting up wheels and controllers a seamless experience via a calibration wizard. This has the added benefit of simplifying the UI since we've been able to remove invert/min/max settings for each analogue input (Throttle/Brake/Clutch/Steering).
Please note that these changes mean all players are required to set your controls up again

Test Drive

We've added a new test drive menu in preparation for the release of our upcoming track modding tool. This is the result of a large refactor to the map loading system which can now discover and load tracks dynamically at runtime.


Individual HUD elements can now be positioned on the screen using the mouse to better accommodate players' preferences. They can also be toggled on/off by right clicking on the screen and selecting the appropriate widget type.
Note that this feature is not available in VR at this time.
Driver numbers are now are now rendered on the placings widget similar to MotoGP


KartKraft now has support for FreeTrack, the open source equivalent to TrackIR which provides six degrees of freedom (6DOF) head tracking via a webcam. This can be configured in the 'Camera' settings menu.


We've now added a slider to control the volume of your opponents which some users have reported as being too loud. This is available under the 'Sound' settings menu.

FFB Defaults

The default force feedback strength setting has been increased to be consistent with forces felt in real life. This is particularly important for non direct drive wheel users that spin when applying the throttle out of corners, due to a lack of corrective forces being felt through the wheel when experiencing power-on oversteer. We strongly recommend that players increase this setting to a value as high as they can handle.

Timing and exploit fixes

The method of live delta calculation for the session fastest lap and personal fastest lap has been improved, resulting in much greater accuracy through all sectors. Previously this could fluctuate with a margin of error around 1 tenth of a second.
We've tracked down a bug that some players were unknowingly exploiting to gain time during leaderboard attempts. This was caused by floating point (im)precision that could result in laptimes up to a second faster than real-time when a session was run for an extended duration. i.e 48+ hours

Crash fixes

After implementing automatic crash reporting in the previous build, we have been able to identify and fix a crash that was responsible for 76% of crashes reported by players. This should result in much higher stability for all players.

Dynamic sky

With the introduction of the new sky system in the last update, several groups of players experienced hitches when loading sky resources. We've now implemented dynamic resource loading for the sky resulting in lower memory utilisation and faster map load times.


New Input System. Wheels are now easier to bind and presets have been removed.
Added the ability to move and hide HUD elements on screen.
Added Freetrack head tracking option. Available in Settings > Camera.
Added a setting for controlling opponent kart audio volumes.
Added driver numbers to HUD.
Added work-in-progress results screens.
Added audio notification when new online session is available to join.
Increased accuracy of all live delta values displayed on HUD.
Increased default FFB gain setting.
Re-enabled player name tags in online mode.
Online practice session lets drivers finish their final lap before ending.
Fixed bug where AI would sometimes fail to load.
Fixed lap and sector timing inaccuracy when running for long periods of time.
Fixed corrupt packages due to shutting down game while write is in progress.
Fixed hitches in dyanmic sky loading.
Fixed unwanted motion output when replaying.
Fixed trackside cameras not properly handling karts retiring and entering pits.
Fixed ghost trails following tyres on road surface.
Fixed chase camera look movement.

User 10763

Build is now live. Please restart Steam if you do not see the update.

Added: Wheel profiles now support digital inputs to analog actions, so it's now possible to bind camera look, clutch, brake, throttle to buttons/paddles
Added: Sunny/cloudy weather option is now hooked up to time of day
Added: HUD vehicle radar and live placings can now be hidden and moved via mouse
Added: Triple screen support. (Please give us feedback or suggestions if you have trouble setting this up)

Changed: Binding process is slightly clearer. Binding menu now displays 'press to bind...' when input is being detected
Changed: HUD sector times now display individual sectors rather than cumulative time

Fixed certain wheel and pedal setups failing to be detected. Increased number of direct input devices from 8 to 64
Fixed crash when changing opponent volume slider while racing
Fixed crash caused by using Oculus Touch controllers in main menu
Fixed bad VR camera post race results sequence
Fixed bug where ghost vehicle would continue driving after being defeated in timetrial
Fixed occasional motion blur glitches in some cameras
Fixed bug which caused only a maximum of ten AI opponents to be available. Up to 15 opponents should now be possible. (this is not quite fixed...)
Fixed bad motion blur on rotating parts

User 10763

Build is now live! Please restart Steam if you do not see the update.

New Features

The IAME KA100 class has been added to KartKraft. With 22HP and a maximum RPM of 15,000, the new class uses the medium grip MG Red tyre and requires very precise and smooth inputs to achieve good lap times. We look forward to your feedback on the new class.

Tyre Model
The tyre model has been updated to include a 3D thermodynamic model that simulates the heat transfer between the asphalt, contact patch, tread, pressurised air and rim. No longer static, the entire carcass and tread around the circumference of the tyre is affected by contact pressure and sliding friction which results in localised hotspots and the new ability to overheat the tyre if driving and sliding too hard. Future updates will include different rim materials that allow for better dissipation of heat and more stable changes in pressure. A visualisation of the 3D tread has been added to the HUD. Note: Existing setups will need to be updated to extract the maximum performance from the new model.

The calculation of forces being applied to the steering column has been improved resulting in a much more refined signal and smoother driving experience.

GKCV Reverse
The reverse layout of GKCV has been added which presents a different challenge with the blind uphill entry to turn 1.

Setup parameters now show their respective units. i.e PSI, Degrees etc
HUD elements are now zoomable and moveable using mouse wheel
Fixed crash when changing gear ratios on the KZ2 class of karts
Kerb response has been improved with a reduced likelihood of flipping

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