[International event] F3 & Caterham HillClimb contest - 01.06 - 30.06.


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The FFSCA presents : a "Fantastic 4" open event : the 1st F3 & Caterham HillClimb contest !

A 1 month-long competition, with "cashprize" : the 2 winners (in each category) will gain a honorific prize :)

  • The competion will end on 30th of June.
  • As any hillclim race, the goal is to reach the finish line as fast as possible, without any crash.
  • You can choose to race in F3 or Caterham R500, or both.
  • When you are satisfied with your time, you may post here your result and join your EDITED .VCR file, so that admins will watch it and validate it.
  • If you drive through a tree or any obstacle, or crash, your run won't be validated. But you can drive on grass.
Joux Plane v1.0: rFactor Central // rFactor Tracks // Joux Plane Hillclimb-Rally 1.00
F3euro mod v1.1 : rFactor Central // rFactor Cars // F3 Euro 2007 1.10
Caterham mod v1.5 : rFactor Central // rFactor Cars // Caterham 1.50

How to edit (cut) you VCR replay file, to make it light (only the run you want to show) : TUTORIAL
How to register on a french forum : TUTORIAL
In rFactor settings, you must set Flags rules to "none". Then launch a private practice session. Track doen't work in race session.

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Das hört sich ja geil an. Da muß ich mich überwinden, glaub ich. :]

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We found a way to make this competition ONLINE :)

In a few days we will launch a 24/24 server, you will have to make your run on it... so keep practice offline :p