GT3 Wheel with dual clutch - recommendations?


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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a GT3 style wheel with open top and a diameter of around 30cm. Something like the Cube controls gt pro zero, or an Ascher B16L with Turn r20 wheel. But: I would love to have dual clutch pedals!

Does someone have a good recommendations? (except the gomez gxl pro)
Is it possible to mount Ascher clutch pedals on the Ascher B16L?

At the moment I race the Fanatec DD2 + Fanatec F1 wheel with the advanced paddle modul, but it's to small for GT3 cars.
I want a clutch pedal because I sometimes drive thre iracing Porsche Cup with standing starts.

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You could have look at the Simagic GT4 wheel.
Or you could use the Fanatec Podium Hub (which you will probably need anyway) with APM, Porsche Button Box and a rim that fits your needs.

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R8 with APM

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Thanks for all the replies :)

I already sold my Fanatec Podium Porsche gt3 Wheel, since I am trying to move to simucube (but with USB wheels for future flexibility regarding the base) in the long-term. I don't like the expensive and long podium hub, and the third party Fanatec hubs are always sold out.
I also have also heard that the Fanatec R300 Wheel might not be perfect with the small gap to the buttons.

I will have a look at all other the wheels, thank you very much for the inputs!:)

The Fanatec Podium BMW GT4 wheel would be great, maybe I should stay with the DD2... Not sure if I will be patient until the release. Also not sure how crazy expensive it will be.

The Simline Huracan GT3 also looks interesting.

Sad that it's not possible to DIY fit a clutch to the Ascher button plate. The Ascher f64 USB V2 is on my buylist once it is available. But I guess it will only cover my Formel/LMP cars.