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Community Update - Patch Notes (25/02/2020)

As discussed last week, we have been working hard on some community-requested features in GRID. As always, thank you for your feedback and ongoing support. We hope you enjoy these changes - after all, you asked for them!


  • Fix for Hot lap joining issue grid placement.
  • Rain on the window screen is working correctly again with all vehicles.

  • Added the ability to tune vehicle in the pause menu in Skirmish (Once in Skirmish mode: Pause > Vehicle Tuning > Tune to what you like > Apply)
  • Added the ability to remove scratches and dirt when changing liveries or changing vehicles
Once you have driven with a vehicle it will have built up scratches and dirt, changing your livery will automatically clean your vehicle, entering into the garage and finding the vehicle you were using will give you the option ‘Clean and Respray’ in the tooltips at the bottom of the screen, press the right trigger button and this will clean your vehicle. This can also be done in the vehicle select menu screen as well. Note – The vehicle can only be cleaned if you own it

  • Added a stats screen (To access the stats screen: Main Menu > Player Profile > Edit Profile > Statistics)
This will give you stats for the following:

- Distance Driven
- Career Events Completed
- Total Drafting Time
- Cars Overtaken
- Distance on Racing Line
- Good Corners Taken
- Total Gear Shifts
- Total Air Time
- Distance Driven on Two Wheels
- Total Drift Distance

Update is now available across Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For Stadia, these changes will be included with the release of Season 2.

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Bei MMOGA gibt es die Ultimate-Version für 16,99 € (mit MMOGA2018 3% weniger).
Bei cdkeys ist es nun auch deutlich günstiger geworden. (war letztes WE noch nicht)

Für den Preis wird man denke ich auf seine Kosten kommen; auch wenn es nicht so gut sein soll. (Kritik zu Release)
Aber es gab ja ein paar Updates, u. sie arbeiten noch dran. Morgen mal schauen, wie es gefällt.


Ich bin nun schon knapp 3 Stunden gefahren. Ich muß sagen; mir gefällt das ganz gut.
Grafik u. Sound sind in Ordnung. Und es fährt sich sehr gut mit DD1. Man spürt am Lenkrad sehr gut die Fahrbahnbeschaffenheit. Und Kollisionen bekommt man auch ordentlich zu spüren.
Cockpitansicht ist auch ok. Nur die Lichtverhältnisse im Cockpit (vor allem Nachts / dunklen Streckenabschnitten) sind nicht so gut.
Nur das man meistens weit hinten startet finde ich nervig.
Insgesamt hat es sich gelohnt.

Aber an Forza 7 kommt es nicht ran.
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GRID Season 3 - Full Patch Notes

GRID Ultimate Edition/Season 3 Players

  • Four Hypercars - Welcome the Ferrari FXX-K Evo, Koenigsegg Jesko, Koenigsegg Agera RS, and the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.
  • 33 Career events - Two new threads (Invitational Favourites and Track Day) as well as a new Ravenwest Showdown
  • Nine new achievements/objectives - New objectives (tied to new achievements) can be found here: Player Profile > Objectives > All > Seasons
  • 14 liveries
  • Six livery patterns
  • Five player cards
  • Five player banners

All GRID players

  • Two bonus cars - Available to all GRID players, the Honda NSX-GT and NISSAN GT-R Racing Car (GT500 Spec)
  • Loan Car - The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is available as a loan car for all GRID players in Multiplayer
  • Suzuka Circuit - Fly to Japan with this new circuit featuring three layouts and three reverse layouts - playable in all nine weather/time of day conditions

Quality Changes

  • Multiplayer/Freeplay currency rewards increase - Payouts for Freeplay, Private Lobbies, Public Lobbies, and Quickmatch have been substantially increased.
  • Various AI tweaks have been made on both cars and tracks. Players should notice that simulated AI times are more realistic

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Die Ultimate Edition ist diesen Monat im Humble Bundle Choice zur Auswahl.