[GPL] Zeltweg 1970 released!


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I have done an updated version of my ZELTWEG1970 track:
You can download it here:
or get the files here:
http://www.m2mag.com/zeltstandard.zip http://www.m2mag.com/zeltlores.zip http://www.m2mag.com/zelthires.zip http://www.m2mag.com/zelttexpack.zip http://www.m2mag.com/readme.txt

VERY IMPORTANT: BEFORE d/l read the READ ME file. Otherwise you might d/l the wrong trackversion for your PC.

BTW: You dont need an older version of my track.

I know that many ppl have downloaded beta-versions of my update. I do beg you to delete those old betas and download the new final versions. With old versions you will get problems in online racing and the final version will give you better frames too. THX

I want to thank a lot of people, who helped me with this track:

Sky made by Alan Heeley
Groundtex based on Zandytex made
by Darkgreen
Thank you for your permission to
use your beautiful work

Help with 3do's & testing:
Organisation and Testing:
Texadvices :
Eric zbourgouin
Alan Heeley
Tex & Fast Driving :
Pedro Jorge de Santos
Organisation & Screenies & Setup :
Paul Jackson
Hosting :
Mark S. Miller
David (eurenius design)
Paul Jackson
Rich Nyborg
Dady Cairo
Rolf Wesemann

I really hope I did not forget
anybody ;-)

Finally I want to thank those
ppl who have made those great
editing tools.
Just 3 of them representing many others: Guru, GPLEA and CW
All of my TSO have been made with

Thank you all!
...so have fun in driving!

wichtig: checkt diesen thread von crippen aus, da gibs ne abstimmung ob wir nicht die neue version diese saison fahren sollen!

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noch ein paar tips:

Hello all!
Just got up and read all those wonderful replies on the release of my track! THANK YOU ALL!

I am so happy you like it!

I read about 2 problems:

1)The CTD thing happened to me very often when using the GPLEA-Eagle, until I changed to doublemirror res for my geforce. I do not presume that this is the reason for your CTD, but first try to run your carset on the very same condition on an original Papyrus track a few times and look if it crashes also or not. If not, then there is some problem with the track and your PC System, and I you may need to contact me personally to solve that : ronniebresich@hotmail.com

Second: there was a question, if you need the trackpack.zip if you are shure you run the HIGH version. Well, if you know that you dont run online and have a 1.4 Gig CPU, then you really dont need faster texture. But anything below 1.1 Gig and online racers should take a look at it. Could really bring you the very important 10%+ in frames.

I ve forgotten one thing to tell you in the read-me file. Probably most ppl know it already. If the ai is to fast (for most ppl it could even be much too slow, as I read here ;-)) you can change this line in track.ini in zeltwegfolder.

dlong_speed_adj_coeff = 1.0800000

Change from 1.08 to 1.06 or 1.05 to make them slower. This varies the speed of the AI, and even very small changes can have big effects. If you make that character bigger, the Ai is faster but might crash more often at Boschcorner.
Another way to make them slower/faster is this
track_global_hype_scaling = 1.10
works similiar like the dlongspeed above, but changes all driversettings (I hope I am right ;-))

Have fun!

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New modified AI and Curb for ZELTWEG 1


I can present you a new curb for my Zeltweg track. It is made by Zaf - a friend of mine who did a really great job making a real round curb.
Important: Please only use it when you have really no problems with your frames - or dont blame me that I did not tell you ;-)
You might loose up to 10% of your frames depending on which curbs you use now.
But just take a look at those beautis... very decent and accurate with a little darker color!
The effekt of driving over the curbs stays the same - of course.

Other additional thing is a new AI. You have two new changes:
A new track.ini, which lets the ai start very aggressive and nearly crashin, but they are not that fast as they are in the original version, you can start without being overtaken by 5 AI cars ;-)

A new pass2.lp makes a little different AI overtaking line for the whole circuit. It is a little more aggressive then the normal one. You might want to use it if you already know the original AI too well.


CURB:Just unzip the the curb.zip file to your zeltweg folder
NEW AI: Unzip it to zeltweg folder and overwrite your older files. But you should make a copy of your older files, in case you might like the older AI more then the new one.
You can also - of course - only use the track.ini for the start and keep your old pass2.lp, or the other way if you only want the aggressive overtaking.

Here you can download all new files along with my track:
Thanks to Dok!


Have fun in driving!