[GPL] Ventilated Disc's 4 B'Jv2 Lotus by COA Motorsports


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Ventilated Disc Brakes !!!

Here's a New set of Disc's for Bruce Johnson's Lotus v2.
They look absolutely Mad !!!
The Original Disc's didn't represent the early Lotus49'
enough so QuadCam69' came up with these.

"All of us at COA Motorsports. use these new Disc's"
1. Because they are nicely detailed.
2. The Vents on the Disc's are still visible at 200mp\h
at any circuit and all weather conditions.
If you know how to modify the disc.mip for JF's Carset version of Bruces Lotusv2 these are worth a try !


ventdisc's 4 bjv2.zip