[GPL] Updated Zeltweg Sky by Dave Mack


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Updated Zeltweg skies and hills
Alan Heeley recently released a dramatic, mountainous add-on graphic for the Nurburgring. Simon Stobbart had also released a beautiful, hi-res sky for Snetterton. I originally combined the two for use at the Nurburgring by taking Alan's mountain .mip files, resizing the peaks to scale them down to look a bit more realistic in size, then pasting these over the corresponding sky files from Simon. This package also used Simon's sky.mip, ground.mip and horiz.3do files.

Later, I edited the this add-on to correct some visual inconsistencies (e.g., smoothed the horizon line, removed some foreground clouds that didn't match up or looked out of place, etc.), and released this updated add-on for Dave Noonan's Osterreichring.

Ronnie Bresich's new rendition of Zeltweg includes the original Nurburgring/Snetterton sky/hill combination. While IMO this looks very good, I think my updated add-on for the Osterreichring looks cleaner and more realistic.

And, best of all, the updated add-on works perfectly with Ronnie's beautiful Zeltweg!

Screenshots and the zip file are below.