[GPL] Update for Michael's Lotus by R.Dave


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Firstly, I take no credit whatsoever for the wheels, disks or 3dos. All I did was take Michaels new chome wheels release and add transparencies to them. I then took the wheel 3dos that came with Michaels Lotus and added the visible brake disks. The brake disc is one created by COA that I edited slightly only for appearance with the transparet wheels.

To install, just unzip into your (Michaels) Lotus directory. Be sure to back up your files before overwriting in case you don't like the edit.

Thanks Michael for the great car and all your hours of hard work in it's evolution

Lotus mirror graphics

I've taken Michaels lotus.3do and added the shine effect to the 3d helmets, as well as added the new mirror graphics to the replay mirrors. Loyd Cole is responsible for the mirror graphics, and I simply edited the 3do. To install, just place the new 3do and the mirror mips into your (Michael's) Lotus directory. Be sure to back up your present lotus.3do just in case you don't like the effect.

Racer Dave


Don't be shocked the possibity is that your gearbox is looking a bit wierd, this has absolutly nothing to do with that really fine update, you'll like it. Just use one off these files to fix the gearbox.
If it looks not wierd great then your are already using the engine update.

BTW It is understatement what RDave was saying (about his effort).


- Michael

Hi All
I just thought that I would test these on you- just some slightly different mirror reflections for the Lotus
BTW Loyd - I hope you don't mind but I borrowed the sky off your images.


alan d.

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As I promised here is the repacked engine update including David's new 3DO just to make sure that the updates don't have some unwanted side effects.
I'm a bit handicaped that the moment throught my mouse isn't working proper anymore I guess I had used it a bit much lately.
I guess to reason why some of you have trouble with the zip is that I'm still using Winzip 7.0. I change the attachment to an selfextracting archive. The problem is that I can not attach files with extension exe so I rename it to engine.exe.txt, to use the file proper you just have to remove the ".txt".