[GPL] Tomioka fantasy track by Polar


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Hi guys, I should tell you about Japanese Add-Ons.

Polar has released a Fantasy Track 'Tomioka'.
And Its sky+asphalt update and 'umrk method' background update were ready for download.
He choose base layout from roads at Polar's town and customised layout for circuit.
Look beautiful Mt.Fuji - The highest mountain in Japan on the background.


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AI cars and bush fix for track 'tomioka'
Its not green stripey armco, its bush!

This will fix the bush texture and some AI cars, have fun.

unzip to C:\Sierra\gpl\tracks\tomioka


Mark Beckman, just hangin around.
Assistant to any GPLer in need.

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New Programme Cover for Tomioka

This is a programme cover for Tomioka, a japanese track released by Polar Blue 21.
The race dates correspond to the 67season.ini-entries of the track.

I hope that you'll like my cover.



tomioka cover.zip

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Shall I stay on the throttle or on the track?

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"Tomioka Final Version Released"

PolarBlue 21 has now made the final release version available to us all.From the screenshots I've seen it looks great.
There is now a better Sky&Horizon and more TSO's to keep us happy.
Recent comments say that it's excellent,beautiful,etc;
From personal use of this track I think it's a great track for 4 wheel drifts providing you have a reasonable set-up.

Here's the URL; PolarBlue 21
Great alt'cover made by YelloGreen67; Thommo's Compendium
You'll want this cover made by YelloGreen67,believe me!