[GPL] St. Jovite veröffentlicht


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Gibt's bei den US Pits.
Bin mir nicht sicher, aber ich glaube, dass der KUrs auch unter dem Namen Mt. Tremblant bekannt ist?



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St-Jovite add on pack by Eric Bourgouin

-I changed the values in the terrain textures to give them more details( until some 16 bit mips are created to give this track the appearance it so justly deserve..).,added Darkgreen's fabulous trees and modified the asphalt from his Nurburgring update.
-There's a long treerow of Berca's trees from his Watkins Glen update,as they can't be all green at the end of september..
and Philippe Charuest's Renault and BP mips...Armcos and sand mips are from my MosportV3 pack.
-John Bradley of BAPOM cooked up a superb 1968 program cover.The track maps are by Meik Thiemann.
-There's 3 armco mips in there to choose from,depending of wich year you choose to race.The default is the newer looking single armco..After all;the track was a mere 4 years old in 1968!In the pit jpg,you can clearly see that there were 2 armcos in the mid seventies.
-I changed the record.ini file to reflect the real life record holder,Jackie Stewart,who set it in the F1 qualifications of 1971.
-The trackmaps are from the official Circuit Mt-Tremblant's newly created website.You can go download a lap of Tomy Hilfiger's newly renovated and updated track (and there's also tons of great info...) at : www.lecircuit.com
-The jpg files are from Philippe Charuest's collection

1968 Mt-Tremblant add on pack