[GPL] Speed Eraser's Sound pack 1.0


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Speed Eraser's Sound pack 1.0

OK Gang, I think I finally got it. The Honda sound was a big missing part of the puzzle, but I've reworked a few of the other sounds I've been working on to say that they are all at a good consistent level IMHO.
In addition to the new Honda sound, I included the Brab sound I reworked a month or so ago, plus I reworked the Weslake some to fill it out(its better, but not perfect), as well as the Ferrari (needed a little more oomph). I also got the BRM back where I want it. This sound is actually pulled from the incar recording of the 1953 supercharged BRM 1.5L V-16 (the recording still gives me goosbumps).

Have at it, its a bit over 1.2 MB total

Speed Eraser

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