[GPL] Slick tyres for Indy 500


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I am loving this! (Indy 500)

I am having an absolute blast using Loyd's Indy 500 carset in a dedicated Indy 500 install of GPL. I used Michael's lotus wheel update and made some slick tire treads and they look great IMHO. I've also used Eguzo's trump and pipe mips to add some detail to the car, I think it turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think!

New Stuff!
And here is a zip file with the slick tire treads, I know it's a small addition but it's something. Just drop them in the brabham folder of a clean Indy 500 carset install and all cars will have slicks. There is an included zip for use with Michaels wheel update, put these files in the lotus dir after michaels wheel update.

Have fun!

slick tires for indy 500 carset.zip