[GPL] Rudskogen version 2 by Mark Beckman


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OK New Track ..Rudskogen version 2 !!!
Ok heres the Rudskogen track in Norway which is a lot different to that one found in Sweden :-))

Special thanks to Magnus T who has driven there for real who gave me a guide to the altitudes that the bike video didn't show up.

Altitudes are quite fun and the AI don't seem to mind them either.

If you already have the first version of Rudskogen no problem just click on track install and it will install straight over the old one without you having to do anything else.

Heres the read-me...

"Rudskogen GP by Mark Beckman

Version 2 with correct altitudes this time !! :-)

Special thanks to Magnus T for his info as to the altitudes as he has driven (and crashed!) a car in real life there.

This is a quick rendition I made after watching an on-bike video of the track for no reason other than it seemed like a good idea :-)

Rudskogen is a Club Curcuit in Norway and although short is quite technical with the last turns 8, 9 and 10 combining to be quite tricky and satisfying when you get it correct.

Sky is from Team Friendship and most of the rest by me and Papyrus.

As usual this would not be possible without the fantastic tools from Phil Flack, Klaus Horbrand, Neil McCollum and of course the ease of installation due to Martin Granbergs dedicated gpl hand.

Thanks to the support of my friends and Racesim.net now found at http://forum.m4driving.sm "

Unzip to temp file then click on track install, have fun :-))