[GPL] Roger W. Ferrari rims bright version


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Thanks to RacerDave's efforts it'll shortly be possible to download a brighter set of my v2 Ferrari rims!

Ive been about to do theese myself for ages, but never got around to it... So RacerDave got fed up and made a brighter set for himself. Luckily I got to see a pic of it, and begged for a copy of Dave to fiddle with. I did some very minor alterations to Daves impressive brightness modification and now they're about finished for release.

Theese will hopefully fairly soon be available from Loyd's GPL Engine Works page (in the GPL Wheel works section).

Oh, keep in mind you'll need the full Ferrari wheelset from the same pages to install this update.

Download at . . . at the GPL Wheel Works section of the GPL Engine Works.

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