[GPL] R. Dave's minor updates for Ferrari with 3d helmets


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A few things for the Ferrari...
Hi guys,

I've posted a few screenshots in the "screenshots" forum of a few little things for the Ferrari. These edits are made for Stefan's updated JF carset Ferrari with the 3d helmets. I don't plan on doing any additional edits as GPLEA is working on the ultimate Ferrari update.

One of the things that always bothered me about the Ferrari is the flat poly side of the cockpit. It just looked too plain. So I added a textured poly and applied it to the sides of the cockpit. I've edited the height of the cockpit sides and made some adjustments to the mirror coordinates as well. I updated my "gold" brake calipers and added them as well. I also added the reflective mirror graphics that Bruce had developed for the Brabham, as well as the textured mirror graphics that Loyd and I had done for the P261. I want to thank Alan Dickeson for his mapping of the Ferrari mirrors. He had sent the mapping to me many weeks ago and had been using it on my personal Ferrari, but never offered it otherwise. Thanks Alan.

First off, as you can imagine, this was designed for use with the 16 bit carskins and probably isn't going to look as well without them.

I do not plan to do a 2d helmet version, so please don't ask.

Please back up your fcali.mip and your present ferrari.3do before using just in case you have problems. Choose which mirror graphics your like, and extract them to your Ferrari directory.

Please check out the screenshots before downloading.


fer with miror graphics.zip

And the zip with the optional "reflective" mirrors like Bruce's Brabham.

fer with reflective mirros.zip