[GPL] P261 3d helmets with 360 degree shine by R.Dave


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Hi all,

Been very busy lately, but decided to do a little editing before the New Year. Something that I've worked on, but hadn't been able to finish was adding the shine effect to the 3d helmets on the BRM P261. Well, finally able to finish it this evening. Thanks to Stefan Magnusson for his input and consultation. Stefan is always kind enough to give an encouraging word and a bit of help whenever he's asked, and believe me, I've asked a lot

I also want to show off some of Loyd's beautiful 16 bit BRM skins that I'm testing for him. The skins are a work of art. For those that have problems with the CTD's with the Geforce 3 cards and 16 bit skins, I read on one of the forums about the following you should try. I read that if one finds the following line in their core.ini, in the [ Int Profile Values ] section:

value4 = Direct3D7:TossHighestMip:0 ; do not change

and change it from zero to one, it could help.

Well, I did so, and I haven't had a CTD since. I gone through and placed 16 bit car skins for all of the cars and they all run fine. Can't promise that it will work for everyone, but it did for me. Thank you to the person who suggested this.

Here's a screenshot of the updated 3d helmets with shine. I'll post the file below.



Now for the zip...
The attached zip file contains two directories. Each directory contains an updated brm.3do. One of the 3do's adds the "shine" effect to the P261 3d helmet without the visor, and the other does the same to the brm.3do with the visor. Simply choose the one you prefer and place it in your brm p261 directory. Caution, back up your present p261 brm.3do before using. You must have the latest update of the P261 with the 3d helmets added for this update to work.