[GPL] Nurburg 84 updates by Martin W.


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[GPL] DL now: My nurburg-updates by Martin W.

Hi, this is my first posting in this forum. Please forgive me for my grammar .
It's really funny to see that Tim Leighton and others had exactly the same idea as me:

My intention was to adjust the textures of the tracks "nring84"/"nurburg" to the new sky-texture from Simon Stobbard. I started fiddling around with some existing mips and tried to give them a harmonious look in combination with Simon Stobbard's ring-sky and Darkgreen's nurb-trees.
As this mip-collection was original only designated for my own pleasure, I didn't mind using mips from GPL-artists as basis for my modifications. So, I hope, posting this modifications will not annoy the artists.

Get the file:
mynurb1a.exe (self-extracting WinAce-file)

1. Download and install (if you don't have yet) Darkgreen's nurb-trees (nurburg_1.0.zip):

2. Download and install (if you don't have yet) Simon Stobbard's ring-sky (ring_sky.zip):

3. Install my package in your "nurb84" or "nurburg"-trackfolder. Let it overwrite existing files.

4. Enjoy

Some screenshots:

hope, you like it
Sorry all, I'm an idiot!
I forgot to include the curb-mip in the package .
I included it i the package now. Just use the old link (see above).

For all those who already downloaded the old package (like akabar), I attach the missing A_l_p.mip to this post (remove the ".zip"-ending).

@akabar: I will have to look a bit deeper into this castle-thingie. The missing mip under the castle should be included in Darkgreens nurburg_1.0.zip?!? I will search for the mip. Stay tuned.

Sorry again,

Attachment: a_l_g.mip.zip
For those people who don't like the non-classic red-white curbs I did a replacement-mip. It's also included in the new package (named A_l_g.nocurbs.mip). Just rename it to A_l_g.mip.

For the fast guys who downloaded the old package, here's the mip (!!! Don't forget to remove ".zip" !!!)



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A small update (one mip) to minimize colour-differences with the ground.mip at places, where untextured polygons enable a look "through the ground" (f.e. at Pflanzgarten or view to Fuchsroehre at high distance).

The original package contains the new mip since NOW.
The seperate ground.mip is attached to this posting (just remove the ".zip"-ending)

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