[GPL] NEW TRACK:Pebble Beach (beta)-road circuit


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Beautiful track, Jim! I love the closeness of the pines as you drive this narrow track. Great detail with all of the road signs, intersecting roads, lighting effects, fences and other scenery. This is a fun track!

I'm looking forward to someone who can come up with a proper AI, although yours is not really bad at all. I've made some changes to your AI to help with the lap times and also made a change to get them all to qualify. This mod has pole around 1 min 33 sec with a 3 second spread from first to last. The file is attached if anyone is interested in trying it.


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Pebble Beach v1.1 now available
I've posted a newer beta release.

Beta v1.1 includes the following tweaks:

- Now works with Voodoo/Glide. Eric Bourgouin was kind enough to find, and then fix, the problem textures.
- Some funny-looking trees left over from the building process removed.
- Better-looking groove. Joe Whitney is now immortalized in the groove.
- Better AI, thanks to KevSchofield and KELLLAAA68.
- Better handling of Shift-R resets.
- Different trees along left side of Drake Road (between T2 and T3).
- Different dirt texture near T5.
- Some updated asphalt textures, courtesy of Eric Bourgouin.
- A whopping 233 unused MIPs and 3DOs removed from the .DAT file. Thanks to Meik Thiemann for pointing this out and identifying the files.
- Some changes to the .fb file to tweak frame rate vs. visibility.
- Starting grid has been rearranged a little.

As you can see, nothing major. The Voodoo graphics are available separately on this forum, if that's all you want. The rest require a new download of beta v1.1

As always, you can find this stuff at http://jimturley.tripod.com

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Pebble Beach beta Updated
There's a new version of the Pebble Beach track available.

Version b0.12 includes the following tweaks:

- Modified T4 hairpin so you can drive over the center grass. This uses the famous "Mexico Hairpin Effect" described by Phil Flack. Don't go too far off-line, though, or you'll receive a 10-second stop-and-go penalty.
- Pushed back the hay bales outside the T4 hairpin to give the AI cars more room to maneuver.
- Shortened the fence outside T6 so the AI cars don't shear off their left front wheel quite so often.
- Added more stop signs and revised their texture.
- Tweaked pits.mip to remove yellow-ish coloring.
- Changed the texture for the pit run-in area.
- Modifed the texture of the hedge at T2.
- Replaced ground.mip.
- Changed the texture of the low wall between T3 and T4.
- Fixed a few graphic gaps in the asphalt.
- Added sand surface to inside of T4 to discourage cutting the hairpin.
- Closed visual gap inside T6.
- Replaced braking markers with a different design. FYI, Pebble Beach had *no* braking markers in the 1950-56 races.

You can go direct to the download here:

Or start at the beginning and read about the track here: