[GPL] New sounds and a wallpaper


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Grand Prix was on cable again last nite - which always seems to inspire me. You can find the following new items on www.vpaddock.com :
- New BRM sounds - these are based on the F500 sound that's from another author. I did some magic here and there to make it sound like twice as many cylinders. V2 of the sound is in stereo and came out quite nicely. Both versions have that "bark" you hear in the movie.

- Updated Ferrari sound - I applied the stereo sound techniques I experimented with for the BRM to the Ferrari sound I had done before. The result is a richer, throatier Ferrari - in stereo.

There's also a nice Lotus desktop wallpaper image I did a few weeks ago. You can find all this announced on the main page, or just hop to the Downloads section.

Lastly, one of the folks who's in a league that's hosted on my site put some pictures he took from Petit LeMans up in our gallery section. Very nice work.