[GPL] New Movie "Cross Track Traffic" by Tino Lange


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Get "Cross Track Traffic" (Guess who sings along?) at LC GPL Movies http://edome.fi.soneraplaza.net/hosted/gpl/movies/index.html
Due to a uncompressed Audio stream it's a bit huge file (50 Megs) for it's length (2.06 minutes), but if you turn up your speakers loud enough you'll discover the advantages
If you discover some bad frames coming along, remember: This is my first one and just a try-out. Why should I sit at home for hours making B-Movie-Crap when Francis Ford Jimmy Bo will come along with a new Blockbuster (Nomen est omen!) soon?

Enjoy or disgust, it's up to you


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ich hab bei mir alle mgl. divx treiber ausprobiert und das video einfach nicht zum laufen gebracht! bitte um tipps ?(