[GPL] New Milano covers + IMS cover


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[GPL] New Milano - IMS Cover by B. Johnson

New Milano programme cover....
I have just made this cover for the banked version of Monza (AKA Milano)

The cover is from the 1957 Monza/Indianapolis series of races, and is also the year of my birth

I made the cover from this scanned picture at "The Programme Covers Project": http://www.malcolm.mitchell.btinter....uk/monza57.jpg

I will post this in the GPL Add-On section at this forum if there is interest.


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Original Milano Cover by Bapom

Hey, for those of you who are into this sort of thing, I've taken that old Milano/Monza cover and turned it into an appropriately sized, etc. GPL 'page0.pbf' file.

Just unzip the attached (I hope!) file, and stick it in your milano track directory.

Grab it while you can, this particular item is not available on the BAPOM website.


--John Bradley


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