[GPL] new Lotus 3do with fixed driver's arm by B.Johnson


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die schaltbewegung der hand wurde an den shifter angepasst..

new Lotus 3do with fixed driver's arm..
here is a quikie i just knocked up. it is for my V2 Lotus (not JF or other), it changes the driver's arm so that it covers the gear lever when changing gear. I have put a readme in the zip with iinstructions.


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die version ist jetzt für das jf carset1.2

New Lotus.3do with fixed arms for JF carset
Hi all,

As you probably know, Bruce released his latest edit for his Lotus which fixes the position of the hand when shifting using the "non gated" shifter. I applied the fix to the latest JF carset version 1.2 update 2 lotus.3do for those using it. Bruce has been kind enough to allow me to make it available to anyone wanting it.

While it's been tested and everything seems to be fine, please be sure to back up your present lotus.3do just in case. Better safe than sorry.

I intend to do some additional editing to the 3do, but wanted to go ahead and put this one up for everyone to use.



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das ging schnell, lotus 3do die dritte! diesmal mit standart cockpit sicht und spiegeln in der outside view:

OK - Here is the edited Lotus.3do with mirrors
This is the JF Carset Lotus V2 that RDave has modified to change the hand position over the gearshift.
All I have done is add 'mirrors' for outside views and moved the driving view back to what seems to be normal.
The 'mirrors' don't really work (except in cockpit view) they just have a fixed image that is the same as the last cockpit mirror image - if all you see is strange patterns on the mirrors then go to cockpit view first to load the mirror image.
These 'mirrors' should show in chase view and in the closer TV views down to about 50% graphics setting and will show well into the distance in the TV views with higher graphics settings.
IMPORTANT- This is for the JF Carset Lotus V2 and you should make a backup of the Lotus.3do before installing this one.
- Just in case this mirror edit effects framerate, causes graphics corruption, increases laptimes or causes reliability problems with the Cosworth DFV