[GPL] New GPL Menu Screens by Darryl Shilling


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I got sick and tired of looking at the original menus for GPL. Truth be told, I was never really nuts about them in the first place. So while enduring an evening of boredom while the little lady watched a Drew Barrymore movie, I decided to make some new screens.
I made them for my own use, really, but today I figured that if it's something that 1 other person likes, then I ought to share it.

That said, any complaints about my taste in colours, etc, can be forwarded to my posterior, along with a kiss.

Some previews don't laugh at the cheesy nag screens on them. I'll never actually buy a screen capture program, and didn't feel like looking for a decent freeware one)

http://members.shaw.ca/dshilling/menus/best_laps.jpg http://members.shaw.ca/dshilling/menus/options_menu.jpg http://members.shaw.ca/dshilling/menus/player_info.jpg http://members.shaw.ca/dshilling/menus/race_info.jpg http://members.shaw.ca/dshilling/menus/replays.jpg http://members.shaw.ca/dshilling/menus/setup.jpg http://members.shaw.ca/dshilling/menus/sound.jpg
And the zip file itself...

The zip file IS just under 3 megs, so dialups can have something else to complain about in life.

To install, just unzip it to your gpl\layout directory. To get rid of it, thus thumbing your nose at my work, delete the files from said directory.

Hope it's liked.