[GPL] Monaco 16bit textures by Darkgreen


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hilfe, wir werden zugeschüttet mit superben patches 8o


It still aint finished and the sheer volume of 16 bit textures here may well cripple your system so dont complain if you get a severe fps hit, runs fine here but then I am on a 1.4 T-Bird AMD. Some of the stuff isnt mine, theres too much in my Monaco directory to wade through it all so if anybody recognizes their work please step forward and we can race snails or have a cock fight over it.


3do work courtesy of Dave Bryant (plus a few mips here and there)

Building mips ripped by Martijn Taffer (hes a very naughty boy)

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all die *.mip die jim e. aufzählt können gelöscht werden.

Here's a few small fixes for Monaco.
The flagbox did not have any adverts on it in '67, to correct that just remove these two files:
This will restore the original mips and as an added bonus the windows will once again be transparent.

I did not care for the aquaduct or tunnel so I remove all the files that began with "tun" and "brk". This will restore the original mips which more closely resembly the real aquaduct's brickwork. Somehow this mip is not as objectionable because you expect the pattern to be uniform.

Here are a few mips that can be removed because they are not used anywhere.

Jim E