[GPL] Lotus & Honda sound by Sam Dobie!


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One for the lotus, one for the Honda.....
i think they are starting to sound more as they ought to, accuracy wise. The slightly 'off' tone, smooth but irritating scream of the DFV, and the robust honda v12....

My webpage is 'off and on' so in case your trying to reach it, im posting a new lotus and honda sound here...


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Hi there...

Sorry I didnt notice your reply sooner

Actually your correct about the honda having some noticable irregularities, which I will try to improve on. Sometimes when listening to things over and over (while making the sound) things you begin to fixate on one thing, and not hear certain others.... glad you enjoy it other wise.

As for lowering the pitch for the fds, its a very simple procedure with most audio software, but I believe with the default windows sound recorder only allows gross adjustments (double speed/pitch, half speed/pitch.) So, in case you dont feel like downloading any additional software (cool edit, cakewalk, etc.) Im attaching a lower pitch (30%) honda wav for your fd car....Please let me now if this one is suitable.